Monday, September 8, 2014

8 September 2014

17 months of missionary work + really ridiculous chest cold = I am really really really tired.

So those are the two big things to have happened this week. I hit my 17 month mark and I have been sick pretty much all week. It hasnt been too bad though. I've had a really annoying cough/stuffy head, but it hasnt really made me miserable or unable to go out and work. So that was a blessing. The only time it slowed me down was Saturday morning because I had a really bad night Friday night, so we spent a few hours at the flat getting me rested up and downing lots of ginger and lemon tea (which is nasty, btw). I've still got the cough going on, but I'm on the mend I think. I hope. 

Even though I was poorly most of the week, we got lots accomplished this week. Found a lot of new investigators, and had a lot of success in helping those we are already teaching to progress. We will have a baptism this Saturday of a young guy named Mario who is absolutely brilliant. He is so faithful and wants very badly to do the right thing all the time! We are excited for him! His friend Danie, our investigator that introduced us to Mario, will be joining him in baptism in a few weeks from now. They are both excellent!

So on Monday we didnt end up getting to go to Lavenham (Godric's Hollow). Still on the schedule for sometime this transfer, but it was better that we didnt go on Monday because it was raining a bunch and that wouldnt be very fun. Instead we went to dinner at the home of this family that just moved here from Arizona and their house is EPIC. Its this 700 year old little English cottage, with a massive garden and an ancient wood burning stove and stuff. Really cool. Their daughter Carissa is most likely going to be at school with me in January, so we got excited about that. She plays fiddle, so we are forming a band haha. 

Most of the week went pretty standard, just finding and teaching. I read a talk about being a "testifying and challenging" missionary, meaning making the focus of each lesson bringing the Spirit by testifying and then challenging them to act on that Spirit with commitments. It really makes a difference. There is a lot more power in a testimony than in an intricate explanation of a principle. 

Saturday we had the best miracle EVER! It is one that I have been praying for for about 5 weeks now. So last transfer we started teaching this guy that was absolutely golden. He is just finishing his masters degree, he is super intelligent and very receptive. He even asked if he needed to go on a mission after baptism, explaining that it would not be a problem he just needed to shift his life plans around a bit. Like, the investigator that every missionary dreams of. But then he hosed our 4th appointment with him. And didnt answer our calls or texts. We genuinely thought he had died. Sister Formica and I were so sad. We kept trying him and kept praying for him all last transfer, but no word from him. Saturday night I tried calling again because it had been about a week, and he actually answered! He said he would come to church with us in the morning, but when the morning rolled around he didnt show up and didnt answer his phone. 
At that point I was really rather annoyed. I think that is the only thing that really gets to me, is when someone tells you they will be somewhere like less than 24 hours before, and then when it gets to the actual time they stand you up and arent even considerate enough to call or text to say nevermind. I think people think they are being nice when they say yes and dont show up, but they are really being more rude that way. So I was a bit annoyed. But then on the way home from church we got a text from him apologized profusely an saying we could meet up that afternoon. And we met up and it was brilliant! Apparently he ran into some anti- Mormon literature, which is bound to happen at some point in life, an it made him have doubts. But he felt really touched by our persistence in calling him, like we actually care about him and that we feel our message is important for him, and thats what made him decide to meet up again. He is a really nice guy, and I love teaching him, so I'm really excited he's back. Pray hard for him, he is really trying to find the right spiritual path for himself. 

So today for PDay we are doing a big game of capture the flag at the chrurch. With nerf guns. Its going to be really really fun. We have an exchange tomorrow and then on Thursday we are in London all day for a meeting. On Friday I go to Colchester for another exchange, and then Saturday is Mario's baptism! Should be a jam-packed week! 

Love you all, hope you enjoy your week and see lots of miracles!

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