Monday, September 15, 2014

15 September 2014

Crazy to hear about all the flooding in Moapa Valley! I hope the clean up is going well and those effected have been able to salvage some stuff at least. Although that much rain is not necessary, I sure am looking forward to the smell of the rain in the desert. It just doesnt smell the same here, although its far more frequent. 

This week has been so. stinkin. busy. But it's been great and I've learned a lot. On Tuesday night, there was a special Europe area women's broadcast, with talks from Elder Texeira, Elder and Sister Hallstrom, Sister Kearon (wife of Elder Kearon of the area presidency), Elder Bednar and Elder Ballard. It was broadcast from Germany, and it was amazing. Such powerful talks about tying our hearts to the Saviour, and not lowering our standards for anything. Elder Bednar's talk especially hit home with me. He talked about the empowerment that comes from the Atonement. Gave the example of Nephi, when he was bound by his brothers, he didn't pray for something to happen to his brothers to make them free him, and he didnt pray for the ropes to magically become untied, he prayed for the strength to burst  the bands by which he was bound. Just like Nephi, we need to not pray to be acted upon, but pray for added strength and help to be able to act. 

Tuesday I was also on an exchange with a sister who has been out for just a few months from Japan. She is so sweet, but communication is SO HARD for her. I am so extremely blessed to have been called to serve in English, because I don't think I'd have the patience with myself to learn another language. She is doing really well, but it is a slow go. 

On Thursday we were in London all day long for a mission leadership conference. All sister training leaders, zone leaders, and district leaders were there to be trained on different aspects of leadership. I loved this meeting! And they fed us taco salad for lunch so double bonus! Sister Jordan had us STL's help with a training on how to work more effectively with sisters. It might come as a shock to you, but teenage boys sometimes struggle with the right way to communicate with women effectively hahaha. It was a hilarious training, started off by a really funny video called "Its not about the nail" Look it up on YouTube. There was also a training on how leadership assignments in the church are meant to give us an opportunity to grow and change, and if by the end of our service we are not changed, we didn't do it right. Its a great principle for any leadership position, not just for mission leadership.

Friday I went to Colchester with this sister named Sister Welc. She is from Brazil and she is AWESOME! We had a lot of fun. Colchester is the closest ward to Ipswich, so lots of the people there are either related to or friends with the members in my ward, so it was fun to interact with them. We taught this Chinese student named Vincent, and he is really solid! He committed to be baptized in October. I'm always so happy when I get to be just a tiny little part of the teaching process of investigators in other areas to help them get to baptism.

Saturday was the big day, Mario's baptism! He was so excited, I will send pictures of his FB statuses on how excited/nervous he was. The program did not really go as planned, but the water was hot, the priesthood was there, and the baptism happened and thats all that matters. That will very likely be the last baptism of someone I've taught that I will get to see on my mission. It was a special evening, and Mario is just really excited to get to pay it forward and baptize others :)

Yesterday we had Colin (the chap that disappeared for a while but now is back) and Danie at church, and it was great! They are both so good. I love the people we are teaching, I love the ward, and I just love all the missionaries I serve with. I really didn't understand what love meant until I came on a mission. But nowadays I am just filled to bursting with love for the people of England. It will break my heart to leave them. 
Also yesterday we were walking through town and I saw this really cute little Polynesian family in front of us and I was thinking, "They are so cute, I want to teach them." And before we could stop them, they were like "Sisters!" Apparently they are members that just moved here like a year ago and have not been out to church yet. I'm excited to get to know them and help them!

I hope everyone has a great week and sees lots of miracles! Go share the gospel!

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