Monday, September 22, 2014

22 September 2014

I finally went to Godric's Hollow today! It was delightfully quaint little English village. Beautiful countryside driving out to it. I will miss that so much. England is truly beautiful. 

So last Monday night, we had a YSA FHE and took an investigator with us to watch the CES Devotional from D Todd Christofferson. It was epic. He said exactly what our investigator needed to hear at the time, I just hope his heart was open enough to get the message. It was a really fun night. 

Tuesday was my last district meeting ever. That is the weirdest feeling. I love pretty much every missionary meeting. And we have a fun district this transfer. Elder Pullig made brigadera (no idea how to spell it but thats how it sounds) for us, which was basically like chocolate sauce but thicker. Yummy. We went from there to the Pereira's and made a delicious navajo taco lunch for Sister Pereira, who is a saint and always does so much for us so we decided to return the favour. It was a fun lunch, and I really enjoy cooking for other people. Its relaxing to me. 

Wednesday I wen to Norwich and spent the day with a sister who is in her second transfer, Sister Wright from Logan, Utah. We had a blast! It was such a fun day, really. I love the missionaries in this mission. Such great friends. She apparently graduated in Garrett's grade, so that made me feel super old. We saw this investigator named Petya that for some reason loves me so every time I go to Norwich on an exchange we see her. She gave me Bulgarian sweets and a bracelet, so sweet! 

Thursday I was in the area with Sister Oliveira, a sister I've been on several exchanges with that is from Brazil. Every time I bring her to my area we have a day full of miracles, and this day was no different. The best little recent convert family every, the Stophers, took us to Costa for lunch. I love being taken out for lunch haha. We ran into several investigators in town, taught with a youth preparing to leave on his mission to Greece in about a month, and then took our really solid investigator Colin to the ward mission leader's house to teach him about the plan of salvation. As we were walking there with him, we asked if he had any questions from his reading and he asked about the origin of Satan and what happens to people that didnt get to here the gospel before they die. It made the plan of salvation have a lot greater impact with those questions in his mind. It went great! 

Also on Thursday we went to see the little Polynesian family we found last Sunday. Turns out they are a  BIG Polynesian family. We were sitting there talking to the mum that we had met, and then her mum walked in looking confused and slightly unimpressed that we were there. Turns out she was just really surprised because she had been thinking of going back to church all day! We came into their lives at the exact right time, because they are really ready to return to church and they have a 10 year old that isnt baptized yet! The Lord's timing is great!

On Saturday we met Mario's parents. They are from Italy. Thick Italian accents. And lots of hand motions. I love them, they are great. Mario is a really good influence in his home. And he got the priesthood yesterday!!!! Woohoo! I'm so excited that I will be around to see him pass/bless the sacrament :)

Sunday was a challenge for me. We only had set appointments in the evening, so we were finding most of the afternoon and EVERYONE said no. I am usually ok with this, but with all my pent up anxiety over how short of a time I have left and stuff, it was really frustrating me. We finally managed to have one good conversation with someone. And then in the evening as we were walking home, I was pretty much done with this week. But I told the Lord I was gonna give it everything I've got, and right in front of our flat we passed these two people. It was dark so I couldnt make out their faces well as we approached, but I decided to stop them and try for one more person that day. After I started the initial approach, I recognized one of them as this investigator named Tommy that was really really good last transfer but had just dropped out of existence. We've been trying to get in contact with him for ages! So that was a miracle, and I think it was the Lord showing me that it doesnt matter how many people say no, it only matters how many people say yes. 

This week is a busy one. Today we are playing nerf gun capture the flag again, then we have a dinner appointment with this huge Portuguese family. Tomorrow is zone conference, the topic is The Book of Mormon and I am beyond excited. I love zone conference probably more than any other missionary meeting. Wednesday I'm in Thetford on an exchange. That area is on an American military base, so I'll be hearing lots of American accents. Yikes. 

Love you all, have a good week!

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