Monday, September 1, 2014

1 September 2014

It's been a great week, not much to report on. Wednesday was my last moves, and it was kind of sad because I was hoping to see a lot of people I need to see before leaving but none of them were switching at the station I switched at. It was sad to leave Sister Formica, but I was excited to pick up Sister Eastin. 

Sister Eastin is from Pheonix, AZ. She's about my height too, so I'm finally back to having a short companion :) She loves all things nerdy, like me, so we have a lot of in depth discussion on the deeper meaning behind Harry Potter story lines and stuff. Shes great! She is my youngest (in the mission) companion I've ever had, she just hit her year mark last month. So that's pretty cool!

On Thursday we went back into London for MLC. Best part of the month really. It is always such an inspirational and uplifting meeting. That took up our whole day on Thursday. 

The rest of the week was finding, finding finding. Not because we don't have a teaching pool, but because they are all out of town this week. So we are working on finding new investigators. It wasn't extremely fruitful, but we did find a few good people. 

On Sunday, President and Sister Jordan came and spoke in our ward. It was so excellent. I just love listening to them speak! They also taught the 5th Sunday lesson on retention, and I think it helped a lot. This ward is so missionary focused, and it was a good refresher on how to help the people that come into the church stay there. Shanice was asked to bear her testimony in sacrament meeting. That always makes me so happy, listening to her talk about how the gospel has impacted her life. 

Our investigators Danie and Mario, the two young men preparing for baptism next week, are doing excellent! I love teaching them, they are excellent. Its a bit like teaching Primary children, they are just really accepting and wanting to do the right thing. They are excited to be baptised next week!

Today for PDay we are going out to this village called Lavenham which is apparently where they shot the scenes for Godric's Hollow in the 7th Harry Potter film. It is going to be brilliant! 

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