Friday, February 22, 2013

Helpful Missionary Blogs

Because I'm an internet junkie, I've spent a lot of time since getting my call just looking at different sites and blogs to help me prepare for my mission. Here are some of the blogs I've found:

Sister M's
Tips For Sister Missionaries
Sister Missionaries of the World
Sweetly Bold
Confessions of a Hipster RM- My favorite!
One Year, Six Months, Forever
The Ultimate Guide to Mission Success
Tips from Hermana Silva
Sister Kambrie Sales
And for scripture study/marking specifically:
The Redheaded Hostess
LDS Scripture Marking

Thursday, February 21, 2013

Called to Serve

I was surprised, to say the least.
Seeing the words "England London" was the last thing I expected but the first thing I wanted.
I had pushed the hope of being called to England to the back of my mind because, really, who gets called to exactly where they want to go most?
Me apparently.
I can completely, 100% honestly say that I was happy to go wherever the Lord would send me. But when I would get asked where I wanted to go, and I did get asked that a lot, I would always say England.
So April 3, 2013, I will hop on a plane and travel across the pond to the England MTC and spend 18 months working my butt off to tell the people of England glad tidings of great joy.