Monday, August 18, 2014


So we got to the chapel early on Saturday to fill the font for the baptism. After like 30 minutes we checked it and the water was not warm at all, so we called the member that is in charge of that sort of thing. He was leaving for Portugal so had to instruct us over the phone on how to get the boiler running. He really said to us, "Sisters, what you are about to do it really dangerous and you need to listen really carefully, because if you do it wrong at all, the boiler will explode and you will die. I'm no joking. Are you still sure you want to do this?" 

It was frightening. But we needed hot water dang it so we did it anyway and thankfully we did not blow ourselves to bits. It was really scary though. We really risked our lives for this baptism.

Thought you might find that a good story.

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