Monday, August 18, 2014

18 August 2014

What a week! We will start with the most exciting stuff, TWO BAPTISMS!!!!! YAY! Barry and Eliza got baptised! So Barry is the husband of a recent convert named Carolyn. She was baptised in February and he has always said he will do it when he's ready. Well last month he spent some time in the hospital and we went and visited him and he said he was ready, so its finally happened! They are both so excited for the time next year when they can be sealed in the temple. They are so stinkin cute. Barry is 71 years old and a massive fan of football (like proper football, not American football.)

Eliza is 82 and from Zimbabwe. She is the most faithful lady you will ever meet, so stinkin cute!  She has been being taught for about 6 or 7 months, but with a 2 month hiatus to London in there. But she is just the sweetest little thing, I love her. 

Other than the two baptisms, we had a bunch of other amazing miracles this week as well. Our investigator Danie, the one that wasn't interested and then we asked him for referrals and now he's on date, he came to church last week and invited a friend, Mario. Mario loved it and is now getting baptised the same day as Danie. We just had a lesson with them, they are outstanding young men! They are both just very accepting and they feel the Spirit very purely, it is amazing to watch them learn because it is completely driven by Spiritual promptings, because the info we are throwing at them is pretty new. They are great!

Wednesday I had Sister Aliberti with me here on an exchange. She served here before me. She is so sweet. And super smart! She goes home to Italy next week, so we will be sad to see her go.

 Thursday was so interesting. We had pretty much everything that we had scheduled cancel, and as we were standing waiting for a bus where there was absolutely no where to take cover, the sky opened up and just rained and rained and rained. I was drenched. Pictures to follow. So we went to teach Eliza, and then went home to put on dry clothes because I was also freezing cold. While we were at home, my phone rang and it was a number I didnt have saved. The lady on the other end explained that she had known the sisters like 5 years ago and had always helped them and gave them rides and stuff, so we had just popped into her mind and she was calling to see if we needed any help. So sweet! We arranged to see her that night. We met her and her 14 year old daughter (most clever teenager I've ever met) and they came to the baptism on Saturday and church on Sunday and they accepted a baptismal invitation! Such an amazing miracle! 

Not much else to report on this week, but it was a really good one. Sister Formica and I are having a blast. I am so lucky to have been able to serve with such amazing sisters in my mission and to make lasting friendships. I love my companion! And its her birthday next week so I have to think up something good for that. 

This week I go on an exchange to Kings Lynn and one with the Thetford sisters. Should be pretty exciting! Love you all, have a great week!

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