Monday, August 4, 2014

4 August 2014 (My 16 month mark, YIKES!)

Its been another miracle-filled week here in Ipswich! I sweat this is the best place ever, every single week is just jam-packed with awesomeness. We just got done with a lesson with this 20 year old guy. We found him Friday and as we were approaching him he just said, "I'm not religious" and moved to keep walking past us, but we asked him who he knew that would be interested in a message about Jesus Christ (great PMG principle, ask for referrals from everyone) and he just stopped in his tracks and him thinking about who he knew gave us an opportunity to talk to him about why he is "not religious." Had a great conversation with him, and our first lesson today he talked about how he has had at the back of his mind for a while that he wants to change his life and he thinks a belief in God will help him with that. He is SO prepared!

We also started teaching another man this week that is also SUPER prepared. When we met him, he talked about how he likes to keep busy (if you want to be busy, being LDS is your best bet). We met with him this week and he has been searching for truth for ages, has gone to many churches with all these questions that they can't answer and really loved the message of the Restoration. Yesterday we called to follow up on how he is liking the Book of Mormon, and he said that he feels very different than his previous times with other faiths, he feels like he is finally headed in the right direction. How brilliant is that?!

So, that's been the great miracles this week, we are finding super prepared people. YSA are my favourite to teach, I think. 

On Tuesday we had MLC (my last one, so so sad) and it was excellent as usual. It is honestly my favourite meeting on the mission. It is so powerful to sit in a room full of really young people who are being expected to carry the Lord's work in this corner of the vineyard. And these are the future leaders of the Church! It is just so amazing to sit in a room amongst so many amazing missionaries and feel of the Spirit and the sacrifices they have made to serve the Lord. I love my brothers and sisters in the ELM!

Wednesday we had an exchange with the Cambridge sisters. I brought Sister McNamee, a brand new missionary, to Ipswich for the day. On the train ride to Ipswich, I was getting to know her and found out her conversion story. She is from Tennessee, but was found by missionaries while going to Ohio State. And then she got taught and got baptised. But here is the kicker. SHE GOT BAPTISED WHILE I WAS ON MY MISSION! Yes, I have been a missionary longer than she has been a member. WHAT?! That made me feel sooooooooo old. But also super inspired because she has such a strong desire to serve, and I didnt have that desire until I had been a member almost 20 years haha. Anyway, she is cool and we had a good time. 

Yesterday in church, both Shanice and "Al" (remember, I changed his name for anonymity purposes) bore their testimonies and it. was. AWESOME! Aaksdfasdklfasdkfjasdf I just love them both so much. Oh and guess what? Al proposed to his girlfriend this week! Yay for eternal families! Sure hope I can scrape together the money to come back for their sealing next year. 

Hope you all have a great week. Seek ye first the kingdom of God and all things will be added unto you!

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