Tuesday, June 3, 2014

3 June 2014

So for the big news: WE ARE BOTH STAYING!!!! Yay! I'm so stinkin happy. It never ceases to amaze me just how spoilt I have been on my mission. Heavenly Father has really blessed me with pretty much everything I have wanted. That's not to say that I haven't had disappointments, but for the most part, the most amazing things have happened and continue to happen to me! I am just so pleased with life. And I'm so grateful to be staying with Sister Curtis. She is really one of my best mates. And such a powerhouse missionary. She is teaching me a lot and helping me to grow in the ways I need to. And we have lots of fun together! I am really happy!

So the big news from this week is Shanice. So a few weeks ago we were at the Ipswich hospital to teach an investigator. We got there a few minutes early and decided to get hot chocolate at the Costa in the hospital. While we were ordering, the barista got really excited to meet "real Mormon missionaries." She is a big fan of a Mormon family that does a vlog on Youtube called the "Shaytards." After talking to her for a few minutes, we found out a couple in our ward are her godparents, so we got her number and scheduled an appointment. The Spirit was so strong at our first lesson as we taught about the Restoration and had another YSA member there to bear testimony. While we were doing how to begin teaching, she expressed that she has always been so interested in our religion and how she really wants to change her life, so before even teaching a principle, we extended a date to her and she accepted with tears in her eyes! The rest of the lesson went really well, and as we talked about the Book of Mormon, we discovered that a few weeks earlier as she had looked us up after we met her in Costa, she had downloaded the Gospel Library app and has been listening to the Book of Mormon every day since then! She is ridiculously prepared and so excited to be baptised on June 21st :) On top of just being the best person I have ever taught on my mission, she is so cool! She is 20, and we are already great friends! We had an FHE at the Pereira's home last night and just had so much fun with all of them! She is amazing. 

On Tuesday I went to Norwich with Sister Martineau on an exchange. Its been so long since I've got to work with her, but I always love working with her! We had a lot of fun. Although it was raining literally all day long. And as you saw previously, my boots are busted. So I had some dang wet feel all day. I survived. While I was in Norwich, I got to see Tony, our investigator that moved to Norwich a few weeks ago. It is always so good to see people you used to teach and see how they are progressing in their learning. 

On Thursday we had MLC. Sister Curtis and I gave a training on using Facebook more effectively, which I think went pretty well. We had a video presentation and everything, so it was pretty easy because we didn't have to do most of the teaching, the videos did. 

Right now, our entire teaching pool is made up of member referrals. Well, except Shanice, she is technically someone we found but the fact that she knows members is a really big foot in the door. And because they are all member referrals, I would just like to note that they are all SOLID. They are all progressing really well. And it's because they already have a friend. Please take Elder Ballard's challenge from April general conference and give the missionaries at least one person to teach every quarter. When you invite your friends out of love for them and love for the Saviour, you cannot fail. The success is in the invitation. 

I'm excited for this new transfer and all the miracles it will bring. I know the Lord has a lot in store for this little patch of His vineyard. Love you all!

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