Monday, June 9, 2014

9 June 2014

Soooooo, its been a good week. We reached a new record for our companionship on member present lessons. 14. It was awesome. We really want to break 20 sometime this transfer, that would be great! 

Shanice is doing SO WELL! She is seriously so cool. I love her. So we have taught her everything and she just accepts it so humbly and willingly. It really is inspiring to me, makes me want to be more trusting and obedient. So as we've met with her we have asked how her parents are reacting and they sound not super impressed. Like, they are not religious at all. They are letting her do what she wants though, but it would be ideal to have their support because it just makes it a lot easier to make changes to your life when your loved ones support you. So we have been trying to get her to set up a time for us to meet them, and we met her dad briefly when he dropped her off once, but we wanted a real sit down where we could explain things and answer their questions. Well, yesterday she showed up to church and was like, "My parents want you to come around tonight for dinner." Our meeting with them went swimmingly! They are really cool and really nice. They have raised their children very well, and they are just friendly people in general. They don't agree one bit with what we believe, but they respect that we believe it that their daughter wants to live the way we do. We answered a lot of their questions about the standards we live and why, and also just got to know them which was good so they actually know the people their daughter is spending so much time with. She is excited as ever for the 21st of June, and we are too! We are working on a musical number for her baptism :)

The rest of the week was pretty standard. Actually, we are teaching a members boyfriend and he accepted a baptismal date in our first lesson, but then we found out that he lives in another ward's boundaries. That makes things difficult, because he has been coming to our ward and already has friends there and stuff, but it is church policy that you have to be baptised in the ward you live in the boundaries of. So we didn't know what to do about that but we had faith, explained the situation to him, and then miracle of miracles, he said that the cousins he lives with have an address in Colchester where he currently lives, and one in Ipswich. And that he has been wanting to move to Ipswich anyway, so its already in the works. So he can be baptised in Ipswich! It doesnt really matter where he is baptised as long as he is, but just the whole fellowshipping situation and trying to have him start again with different missionaries and not have his girlfriend there during the teaching since she lives in Ipswich would have been really difficult. 

Anyway, I have a great week coming up. I'll be in Thetford (the only sisters car area) on Thursday on an exchange, so I'm excited for that. We are seeing some more referrals this week, so hopefully that brings in new investigators that will progress.

I love being a missionary! I love the Spirit I feel as I do what the Lord asks. I know I am where He wants me doing what He wants me to do. There is no greater feeling! Love you all!

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