Monday, June 30, 2014

30 June 2014

Its the last day of June! How did that happen?! 2014 is now half over, that is so crazy to me. Well, this week has been largely uneventful, but I'll try my best to write some good stuff. But first, a joke:

How is England different than tea?

Tea stays in a cup longer!

hahahahahaha As you might be able to tell, the World Cup is talked about in literally every dinner appointment, every finding situation, every everything. The funny thing is I don't even like football, and I cant even watch it, but I'm rooting for USA with all I've got. Actually, we are allowed to watch the final, but I told Sister Curtis I will only watch it if the US is playing haha. I'll probably end up watching it anyway. 

In other entertainment news, this week there was a program on telly called "Meet the Mormons" which apparently everyone and their dog watched. It is a documentary following a missionary in the Leeds mission. But apparently is showed more of the Church PR representative telling the reporter her question was inappropriate than it did of what we believe or what missionary work is actually like. We are getting a lot of questions about it, but all press is good press, because people know who we are and it starts a conversation!

This past week I went on an exchange with Sister Greenfield. She came to Ipswich with me, and we had a really good day. She is older than me in the mission, and she is the sweetest sister ever! Honestly so polite. We made dinner for a member family, guess what we made? Navajo tacos, of course! Nobody here knows what those are. Actually lots of the American missionaries dont even know what those are. Oh well, they are good anyway. 

Thursday was MLC, which I always love going to. Except we caught a ride with the Cambridge elders and I had to wake up at 430 IN THE MORNING to get a train to Cambridge to meet them there on time. It was crazy. But yeah, the meeting was really good. Honestly my favourite missionary meeting. 

On Friday, Sister Curtis hit her year mark! Crazy! That makes me feel insanely old, because my baby Sister Brady was also in her group. A year ago I became a mission mom haha. So we went out to lunch at Caffe Nero for some of her favourite soup. Fun stuff.

Guess what we are doing next week for PDay? We are going to Cambridge to watch the Tour de France! How cool is that?! We are dang excited for it. For todays PDay activity we went to the chapel and watched the David Archuleta FB chat thing on It was really good, and he pretty much hit the nail on the head with all of his answers. 

Tomorrow is zone conference, and we are having it here in Ipswich which is super convenient for us. Other things this week are exchanges with the Colchester and Chelmsford sisters. I think that's it. Nothing major. OH YEAH and its 4th of July, which is not a big deal here BUT we have a really awesome thing to do planned of which you will receive photos next week. Stay tuned. Love you all, hope your week is great!

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