Monday, June 16, 2014

There is no lid on this jar!

What an epic week! On Monday we went to one of my favorite families, the Lambs, and took Shanice for another FHE. Brother Lamb has been studying Preach My Gospel, as challenged by Elder Ballard in General Conference in April, and so we had him teach a part of the lesson and it was brilliant! It really reminded me that I wanted to challenge you all to study Preach My Gospel and include what you have learned every week in your emails to me. Do it. You'll be blessed for it. Also, Shanice showed them her scripture journal at the beginning, and their daughter Naomi was like in and out of the room the rest of the lesson and at the end she comes and shows her parents a scripture journal she made! And when we left she was showing it to her neighbor! You really never know how your example will impact people, so be on your toes. 

Wednesday I took over the area and had Sister Oliveira on an exchange with me. She is from Brazil, she is awesome, and she's the only member in her family. I loved hearing her conversion story and seeing her share her testimony with those we taught that day. I really do love and admire all the sisters that come from such different backgrounds and challenges, yet all serve with the same goal, to help Heavenly Father's children. We had a really good day together, and we got to teach with a lot of members. The best part was a YSA Raquel coming to find with us. She's a pro.

Thursday I left the area to go on an exchange to Thetford! Its the only sisters area in the mission with a car. So I got to ride around in a car all day, it was awesome! I can honestly say that the next morning was the only morning on my mission I have woken up actually feeling completely well rested. Because I didnt have to walk a million miles the day before. Anyway, I was with Sister Steele from Gilbert, AZ. She has been out about 3 months. She is a powerhouse. We had a lot of fun together, and I learned so much from her about recognising and following the Spirit. Thetford is close to an American army base, so when we tracted we talked to a lot of Americans which is so weird for me. I've never actually taught an American investigator, and for some reason it makes me nervous. Every American I know here is a member, whether active or less active. So weird.

So at the beginning of the transfer last week, Sister Curtis and I determined that we really wanted to have a week where we get 20 lessons taught to investigators with a member present. The mission average per companionship per week is about 4, and the standard of excellence is 12. Last week we got 14 and from that we could see that if we just worked it out and planned for it, we could get 20. We were at 15 by Saturday night, and Sundays are usually a slow go, but we determined to get those last 5 on Sunday. And we worked REALLY hard for it. Satan was really working hard to keep us from meeting our goal. By 7 pm we had 19, and we just needed one more and we had one more investigator we needed to go see, but no member to go with. We tried a lot of people, and finally one of the youth that lives close said she could and we went to this investigator and they told us through the front window that their door is broken and they cant open it. Gaaaaahhhh. But we were not going home without teaching them. Thankfully, one of the sons, the one we are working most with in this family, walked up just then and we were able to teach him and his two cousins. We were able to reach our goal! If you would have asked me to get 20 member presents a few months ago, I would have laughed it off saying it was impossible. NOTHING IS IMPOSSIBLE! There is no limit to what we can do with the Lord on our side. 

Shanice is doing great, we are going to lunch with her today. We are so excited for her baptism Saturday afternoon :) Our investigator who we said has an address here in Ipswich was meant to get baptised on the 28th, but he is ready and has decided to move it up to this Sunday. So we are going to have a weekend full of baptisms, it will be wonderful! I'm so grateful and I feel so blessed with all the great things God is allowing me to take part in. The gospel is true! Love you all, talk to you next week!

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