Monday, March 3, 2014

Happy March!

So, this week! It was a dang good one. Monday for PDay we went to St Pauls Cathedral, which was WAY cooler than Westminster Abbey. And we climbed the dome. It was a lot of steps. Very beautiful cathedral though. That night, we took Marvin and his daughter to a member family's house for FHE. It was really fun! We played a game and watched a conference talk. Great start to the week. Oh, also on Monday WE GOT A CROCKPOT!!!! Hallelujah. I really needed one. Now I can actually cook decent meals form me and my flatmates. So far I have made a whole chicken (with gravy), BBQ pulled pork, and Navajo tacos are on the agenda for this week. Hooray!
Tuesday I went on an exchange with Enfield, where my dear little Russian Sister Ovcharenko is. It was so fun to be with her again! And with her companion, Sister Hansen. They are so lovely. We had a really great day, lots of new investigators, and even a great family to teach!
This week we have had a lot of success in starting to teach solid investigators. We are teaching this Nigerian family- a woman named Kemi and her three boys. We are really excited for them. And she is awesome, she sends us home with food every time we go to her house. Another new investigator is named Reza, he investigated like 4 years ago for a year straight down in London South, and he approached us a few weeks ago. He has been at church for the past 2 weeks, its been great! We are now teaching a man named Dean that Sister Loveland and I found when she was here, and he is really really cool. Reminds me a lot of Curtis, the guy that I taught in London North. They should meet.
Our big miracle investigator though is Arthur. He was found by the Enfield sisters actually, but he lives in our area so they referred him to us, and now he has accepted the invitation to be baptised! Hopefully that will be happening this month! So great, he is the sweetest Jamaican man, so accepting of the doctrine and very soft spoken. Yay new investigators!
I love the Whitechapel ward. They are excellent. We invited all the members that taught with us this week to bear their testimony about it yesterday, and they all did and it was just wonderful. I think one of the greatest ways to get the members excited about the work is to have those that are involved already share their good experiences. It works a lot better than the missionaries badgering them all the time.
We had MLC again this past Saturday, and as always it was excellent. I really do love missionary meetings, but I feel the Spirit especially strong in MLC. I'm so excited and humbled to be a leader in this mission. It is a big responsibility and blessing.
Today we had a funeral for Sister Portillo, who goes home on Wednesday. It was hilarious. We sang funeral-y hymns, had a eulogy, scripture reading, and Returned Missionary Purpose recitation (Basically "Our purpose is to get married") hahaha it was fun. It ended in a 21 popper salute while Sister Sua played God Be With You Til We Meet Again on the piano. Very dramatic. I'm really going to miss Sister Portillo though, she is seriously so sweet! I just love her.
Alright, that's about all I've got this week. Love you all! Stay classy.

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