Monday, March 24, 2014

24 March 2014

We had an interesting week this week! Last Wednesday we got to stay all day at the chapel for the new missionary meeting. This group of new missionaries is made up of a lot of recent converts to the church, which is absolutely amazing. Reminds me of when I served with Sister Ovcharenko and how  powerful it is to have a companion who can testify of being raised in a different faith and coming to learn the truth. We had a fun day, we stayed with the trainers and kept them entertained while the new missionaries were having orientation. The new sister in our flat, Sister Phillips, is from Surrey, which is the bordering stake to ours in the London South mission. That must be weird. Especially because her dad works in our ward boundaries, so if she needs something from home she could just drop it at the chapel. Very convenient. She is really really cool. I'm glad we have her. We are already having a blast, the four of us in the Whitechapel flat. The other night we did facemasks and had a dance party to some EFY music. It was a hoot.
So Arthur, our dear Jamaican investigator, fell off the face of the earth this week. We don't have the address of the place he is staying because its just temporary, so our only communication with him is through the phone. Well, his phone was just ringing and ringing with no answer, so we came to the conclusion that he lost it. Which was quite a predicament for us. So Friday, we went with the only piece of helpful information- he had told us before that he goes to a friends Caribbean restaurant up on this road that is like 3 miles long- and tried to hunt him down. We were just scouring the road for a Caribbean restaurant, and the first one we found we went in and there's Arthur just sitting there! Miracle! He was happy we were able to find him, although he said if we didn't he was just going to show up to church. We felt like proper detectives haha. He is a great man, should be getting baptised early to mid- April. We still need to pound out the details of an actual date.
On Thursday we took Dean to the Jordan's flat and taught with Sister Jordan. This was my first time teaching with her, but she is AWESOME. She is super knowledgable about the scriptures, which was helpful because Dean always has questions about his reading. It was a great lesson on fasting, in which we decided to fast together on Sunday regarding his baptism decision. So we did. And then we also took him to a baptism to see what it is like Sunday afternoon. He is really cool, really prepared, and really wanting to do his best to follow God. Such a great guy.
Well, I don't have much else this week, besides Happy Spring! And happy birthday to my little munchkin Aria!
Oh, and I found out this transfer is a 5 week transfer meaning next moves is on my birthday! That should be interesting haha.

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