Tuesday, March 18, 2014

18 March 2014- Happy St Patricks day!

So...Good news! Sister Butler and I are staying in Whitechapel! Sister Sua is staying as well, but our little baby Sister Hug is leaving us for full proselyting in Hayes. So we are getting a new NEW sister tomorrow named Sister Phillips. And she's from England! I get to live with a British person yay!

Cool story: That taxi driver we talked to on the way home from Sister Hymas' hospital visit last transfer? He AND his girlfriend are being taught and getting baptised!!!!! SO COOL! This is a big testimony builder to me that sometimes stupid or painful or inconvenient things happen to us, but God knows what He is doing. EVERYTHING that happens is for a reason. Take all the opportunities God puts in your path to share the gospel. 

This week has been really excellent. I went on an individual exchange to Bedford. We saw Gabriel, who says he wants to get baptised in April so we comitted him to April 26th, which is especially cool because thats the day I got baptised in 2001! He thought that was really cool too. I also got to go to youth, which was a blast. No picture because we had to leave early, but I got to see all my favorite people ever! 

Wednesday I brought Sister Formica (from my MTC group) to my area on an exchange and we had a lot of fun together. I learned a lot from her, she is a dang good missionary. And she was just made STL last night, she is Sister Hymas' new companion. So cool! We taught Dean with President Jordan, and Dean showed up with 2 bouquets of sunflowers and said, "I got these for you because everytime I meet with you the sun is shining." AWWWWWWW CUTE! He really does feel the Spirit so strongly I think, he is really in tune. The lesson was really great and President was able to resolve a few of his concerns about baptism. 

The next day, after we switched back, we went and taught this investigator named Reza at his flat. He has a hard time sleeping so he is always buying new pillows to see what works for him, so he has a bunch of pillows that he has used once. So he gave me one! Yay, because my pillow is rubbish. Same day, this less active named Rosie we are working with brought us a bunch of tubes of toothpaste from the dentist office she works at. So, basically, we were showered with gifts this week. It was funny. Very much appreciated as well.

So on Thursday or Friday, can't remember which, Curtis, the recent convert from London North, came and taught Dean with us. THAT was an amazing experience. I was able to see how much Curtis has grown since his baptism last October. He has a really good testimony and was really helpful in teaching Dean. They have similar backgrounds, which is why we set up the meeting. It was also just really good to see Curtis again. 

This new couple moved to our ward, the Millers, but only for 6 months so they are not moving their records into the ward. Which means they cant get a calling. So they told us that their self-inflicted calling is missionary work, and Sister Miller is now our best friend. She just got home from her mission in Germany like 2 years ago. She's from Hungary, married an American. She is just the coolest lady ever! I really love her! Well, I love this whole ward, but we have spent a lot of time with her recently so she is special. We went to Dean's house with her yesterday, and he played guitar for us and he is SO GOOD! He is in a band. Gave us his CD. Too bad we can't listen. 

Arthur is also doing great, he found a place to live and thankfully it is in our ward boundaries. He is just the sweetest guy, he never has any doctrinal concerns. Wish he asked more questions, but he is just so accepting of everything. I love him!

Well, this week is going to be fun. New missionary meeting all day tomorrow! I think we are teaching with Sister Jordan on Thursday, that should be awesome, and then Dean and Arthur are both being interviewed for baptism! Yay!

Love you all, have a great week!

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