Monday, March 31, 2014

31 March 2013

Alright, everybody, big news! WE GOT FACEBOOKS! The Lord is really hastening His work, and the internet will help us reach more people more quickly. Brilliant. But here's the deal: we have very strict guidelines so that we can use this blessing in the Lord's intended way. I am not allowed to have anyone outside of my mission boundaries as my friend. So if you add me and I don't accept you, don't be mad. It also means my old Facebook is currently deactivated so I can be obedient to Facebook's rule of only having one account per person. So there ya go.
This also means that people might assume that with a Facebook, I will be more in touch with the news, not only of the world but of my friends and family back home. This is not true. Please still email me and tell me about things. Because I'm not allowed to even look at the profiles of people from home, so don't mistake this as a possibility of me knowing whats going on. I hope I'm being clear enough that I want to be more informed about peoples lives dang it!
So this week has been....interesting. And a test of my patience I think. Lots of unforeseen issues that I'm not going to go into. It has also been a really busy week! We went on two exchanges this week. On Tuesday I was in the lovely town of Leighton Buzzard with Sister Andersen and Sister Maurer. Good times. Our fun activity of the night was drawing animals on each others feet. Don't ask me how that happened, but it did remind me of my dear friend Natalie and something she would do. Actually, something she has done several times before.
Wednesday I was in my area with Sister Osmeni, who is from my MTC group. She is from Albania, she has such an interesting conversion story. It was so fun to listen to her testify of that as we taught. Loved it.
Thursday was normal, and then Friday we had a conference to lay down the rules for Facebook. Hence the first paragraph of this post. Help me be exactly obedient by not providing temptations for me, ya'll!
Saturday we had a lovely MLC. I always LOVE these meetings that I get to not only learn from President and Sister Jordan, but to learn from the powerhouse missionaries that lead this mission. I find it so amazing how the Lord takes such young men and women and helps them become such powerful leaders with His Spirit. I'm learning a lot from the elders and sisters I serve around on how to invite that spiritual power into my life.
Sorry, that's about all I've got for this week. Love you all!

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