Thursday, April 25, 2013

April 15, 2013 Letter

        Mom & Company,
                 Thanks for the card you sent me. I just received it today. So I guess now we know it takes 10 days to get your letters. I just found out I only get 5 minutes to email this week  and postage is free here, so I'm just writing this.
                 The MTC has been a great learning experience. I feel way more confident now about how to teach, but I'm still scared to death to go teach real people  I have learned a lot about the gospel - In 11 days I've taken 60 pages of note. But I've also learned a lot about myself.
                 There are 61 missionaries in the MTC class. 21 of those are not Americans. 21 of them are specifically from Utah. I absolutely love all the sisters, they are SO COOL. I'm sad a lot of them wont be in my mission.
                 Last Friday we went into Manchester to street contact for the first time. It's really hard! On the train back to Chorley I sat next to a blonde girl who looked about my age and of course started talking to her because that's my job. Anyway, she turned out to be way cool! Shes about to graduate university in Leeds, but she is from Chorley and was going home for the weekend. I shared the Restoration with her of course, but for most of the 50 minute train ride we just talked about everything. Her name is Holly. I really feel like I made an actual friend, we got along so well. So I gave her my full name and told her to add me on Facebook. So.. yay English friend!
               I'm scared but excited to get out in the field. This stuff is hard but I know the Lord will help me. Thanks for your prayers and messages. I'm doing good and trying my best. Hope everything is going well at home.

                                                       Sister Jacobsmeyer

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