Wednesday, April 10, 2013

April 10, 2013

Hey Yall-

First I need to rebuke you all for not writing me on Go and do that. My days are really sad when I don't get messages. Anway, England is great and has been very sunny this whole time. It looks a lot like the more rural areas of California, but colder. My flight was about as good as you can expect from a 12 hour flight. Got about 4 hours of sleep. I had a chance to share a passalong card with the lady who exchanged my money, so that was cool. The day we got here was very chill and they let us just relax and get situated most of the day. I'm in the Abinadi district of the Hinckley zone. We're the first district in this MTC to have more sisters than elders (6 to 4). President Edwards and his wife are super cool and like the sweetest people ever. We are fed really well here, and the chef can sing like an angel so time in the cafeteria is always fun.

I seriously love all the missionaries here. I already feel like all these sisters are my close friends. We have a lot of fun together. I'm seeing a lot of miracles, but probably one of my favorites is the fact that the ESL missionaries talk fluent English and don't even realize it. Some have never studied English before, but I can hold conversations with them no problem. It is seriously incredible. My teachers, Bro Rojas and Bro Loynes are really cool and keep the hours of sitting in desks fun. I can tell I'm comfortable with them by the fact that I can be extremely sarcastic with them and they do it right back haha. Wasn't conference amazing? I thought it was wonderful. I paid way more attention than I usually do and got SO MUCH out of it. I serioulsy cried when they released Sister Dalton. I love that woman so much. She is amazing. The announcement of the temples was realy special. One sister from Cedar City literally shouted for joy. (P.S, this should not come as a surprise, I have found a descendant of Dudley Leavitt. That sister haha) Another elder from Rio had a great reaction to that temple. Anyway, I am WAY over my limit for email, so I'll talk to you all later. WRITE ME ON DEARELDER.COM. Like, you will not bug me if you send me something every day. It's free.

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