Monday, May 5, 2014

5 May 2014

Happy Cinco de Mayo! It has been a really great week for us. I am having an absolute blast in Ipswich, it is a blessed land!

So last Monday after emailing, we went and got fish pedicures. Like where the fish eat your dead skin. It felt so weird! My feet were definitely softer afterwards though. Cool experience. Todays Pday plans include going to the cinema where in the lobby there are massage chairs and getting a massage kind of hahaha. We were there the other day seeing how much it would cost to rent out a screen and show Joseph Smith: Prophet of the Restoration as a community activity outreach thingy, and we spotted those chairs. And then we are going to go home and chill. It will be splendid. 

So this past week has been amazing because we started it by having 0 people on date for baptism. We ended the week with 3 people having dates for baptism, all in the month of May. Miracles! On Thursday we had MLC in which President Texeira, the area president, came and spoke to us. We set a mission goal for 50 baptisms in May and he talked to us as the leadership that in order to own our mission wide goals, we need to be leading from the front and being significant contributors to that goal. Its possible, and with the Lord on our side and putting for our best efforts theres no way we cant do it. Our God is a god of miracles!!! It really was an inspiring meeting, in which my testimony was strengthened. But like any church meeting, if you sit and listen and think oh thats nice but never do anything about it, nothing good can ever come of it. So as soon as we got back from it we got to working harder, praying harder, and believing harder. At MLC, Sister Jordan gave us each rock taken from the river Ribble, the site of the first baptisms in England, which took place just 8 days after the first missionaries got here. I carry it around with me everywhere to remind me whose team I'm playing for and that that team is 100% guaranteed to win. Every time. 

As we walked out of MLC at Hyde Park, I turn the corner and see Arthur standing there in the visitors centre. It made me so stinkin happy! He was there for the employment centre. I got to chat with him for a few minutes, he is doing so well! He is just the greatest, so good to see him. 

So we are teaching this family of Romanians, like a whole lot of them, that dont come to church with us because they say they go to the Romanian Pentacostal church down the street from them. So we told them we would go to their church if they came to ours. They didnt come to ours this week, but we went to theirs last night and it was quite an experience. I didnt understand a single word being said because it was in Romanian, but they sang catchy songs. It was a cool experience to have, really. Glad we did it. 

So this weekend was stake conference, and 5 of our investigators came! It was all about hastening the work of salvation, member involvement in missionary work and whatnot. It was really great, and I think all in attendance were inspired to not just increased faith, but increased action. A big principle that has been pushed with members here is the Breadcrumb theory, that instead of shoving a whole loaf of the gospel at our friends, we lay breadcrumbs to get them interested and then eventually invite them to eat the loaf. Well, it is an understandable dillema that lots of members get stuck at the breadcrumb stage and never get to the invite. So one RM that spoke told us, "Man cannot live on breadcrumbs alone. There is no conversion without action." It was very powerful. I love stake conference!

Coming up this week, I am in Cambridge tomorrow for zone meeting and again on Wednesday for an exchange. I'm excited, it will be my first time going there, and I'll be with sisters I absolutely adore and I know I'll learn a lot from. And then we've got lots of miracles awaiting us throughout the week. It should be a good one. Love you all!

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