Monday, May 12, 2014

12 May 2014

I don't really have any super big updates this week. It has been a really good week though. Well, mostly.

On Tuesday we had zone meeting in Bury St. Edmunds. It was a really spiritual meeting, I was able to feel the Spirit really strongly there. Sister Curtis and I did a training on prayer which went pretty well. I actually really like giving trainings, I end up learning so much more. On Wednesday I went to Cambridge on an exchange. I was with Sister Greenfield from Sheffield, and Sister Pauna from Sydney, Australia. Sadly, I don't have a picture because we never got around to it. But it was exciting to be in Cambridge because I have always wanted to serve there. One thing I noticed was that there are SO MANY BIKES. Like literally every person in the city rides a bike. It was great. I had a great day with those sisters. They are both a transfer older than me in the mission, so it was a really cool experience to get to learn so much from them. And they are hilarious. We went to an American sister's house for dinner. This sister is probably my age, met and married a guy from England at the U and moved to Cambridge. She was really really funny. I forgot what it is like to be around Americans really. 

The rest of the week we worked really hard in our own area. We had a lot of success teaching with members. We had a lot of lessons on Facebook too! That part was pretty cool. I was a fan of that. Online proselyting is such a miracle, accomplishes so much in a much shorter amount of time. 

On Saturday there was a homecoming party for a guy in the ward that just got home from his mission. That was pretty fun, and this ward knows how to throw parties with good food. I think Mormons in general do really. 

Sunday we taught Gospel Principles, that was fun. I was asked to talk in sacrament on the 25th about Moroni 10:32. I'm excited for that, I've never actually been asked to speak in church my entire mission except for like intro testimonies. It should be fun. 

This week I am going to Southend tomorrow on an exchange and Romford on Wednesday. Essex, mate! Should be a party. Wish me luck!

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