Monday, April 28, 2014

A whole new world- 28 April

It has been such a stellar week! I will not lie, I was very very sad to leave London. It has become like home to me. And its always a little scary to leave your comfort zone. So I shipped out of the Garden of Eden to the lone and dreary world of Ipswich. Which, as soon as I got here, was not lone nor dreary. It is absolutely amazing! 

So on my birthday, Wednesday, most of the missionaries were supposed to meet at Kings Cross to switch companions, so I got to see a lot of my mission friends. Sister Jones brought me a present, what a sweetie haha. When Elder Nolan found out it was my birthday, he led all like 50 missionaries there in singing to me. In the middle of the train station. It was a tad embarrassing but also pretty dang cool. How often do you get that many missionaries singing to you? 

Later that day when we got to Ipswich, we got on Facebook and had both of our very first Facebook lessons. Success! Seriously, FB makes things so much better! Much easier to get in touch with people on there, and it helps that it tells you if they have seen the message or not. 

So we have a great teaching pool here in Ipswich, its pretty cool. I really like all our investigators, they are sweet. I'm really hoping to get them progressing and find more people that will progress. Finding families to teach is a billion times easier out here. So I'm a fan of that. 

Now let me devote a paragraph to my new companion, Sister Emily Curtis from Provo, Utah. Yes, she is my third companion in a row from Utah. Oh well. She is AWESOME! I just love her. We are having so much fun together. And she is a dang good missionary. Keeps me on my toes for sure. Oh and guess what? Her dad is the mayor of Provo! So that's pretty stinkin cool. She is really into health and fitness, so I'm hoping she can help me with that. I need to get into a healthier eating habit. She is like a toothpick, so skinny and so tall. Oh, and she went to hair school haircuts! Woohoo! But for real, she is great and we have a blast together. Good pairing for sure. We have made some really excellent goals for this transfer, I'm excited to see what we can accomplish. 

The ward here is amazing. And I'm pretty sure the size of all my previous 3 wards combined. It is so big. And 50% Portugese. And they feed us really well. Like, I actually get dinner appointments. Its a miracle. And I just love everyone I've met so far, they are all so fun and friendly and fired up about missionary work! It is refreshing and exciting! Great things are going to happen here. 

So finally, one of our goals is to have fun this transfer. So we are trying to do a cup of fun, an idea stolen from previous sisters where we have little fun activities or dares or something that would only take 5-10 minutes each night. So we need suggestions for that. My inbox is open.

Love you all! Go share the gospel!

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