Monday, April 14, 2014

14 April 2014- WARNING: My birthday is next week. Hint Hint.

Well, I've had a pretty swell week this week. Already told you about Pday last week, that was super fun. Today we haven't done much besides going to the Primark on Oxford Street (Primark is like Forever 21 only everything is dirt cheap and this particular Primark is 4 stories tall.) just to get me some shoes for spring. £17 later, I now have three new pairs of shoes that are all super cute and I'm excited not to wear boots all the time anymore. Later today we are going to Hyde Park to have a picnic with some other sisters and elders, and then we are going to teach a woman named Wendy tonight who is SO nice, we are excited about her.

Anyway, back to last week. On Tuesday I went to Hayes, where there is currently a trio. Sister Patterson, Sister Hug, and Sister Couper, and I got to do an exchange with them. First of all, I love all three of them so stinkin much. Sister Patterson is just one of my best friends, Sister Hug was in our flat last transfer and I've missed her dearly, and Sister Couper is just adorable and we had a really fun exchange last transfer together. So I was pretty excited to be with them. And they all three sing so stinkin good! They have got all these beautiful 3 part harmonies figured out for a bunch of hymns. I taught them a song I learnt in 3rd grade, and that was fun. So basically we did splits all day and I just got passed around, and then it ended in a dinner appointment. Excellent.

Wednesday we were home for new missionary meeting and then to see all our investigators. It was a long day for some reason. I don't think I got very good sleep the night before or something, because I felt like I had been hit by a truck all day. 

Thursday I went on an exchange to St Albans with Sister Jones. Reunion! It was really fun being with her again, we have both grown so much since we were together last summer. Good times. It was weird being together but in a different place, but let me just say that I LOVE St Albans. It is beautiful up there. 

Saturday was great, Arthur had his baptismal interview and passed with flying colours. He is the man. We did it at his new place, and then helped him unpack lots of the stuff he hasnt been able to yet. He very much appreciated it. Saturday night was the adult session of stake conference, which I absolutely loved. President and Sister Jordan spoke, and I just love listening to them talk, they are very very good. Others from our stake spoke on family history and missionary work, and it was all really inspiring. 

It made me think of an analogy. Sharing the gospel is like when your friend has something in their teeth. Initially, you are kind of scared to tell them they have something in their teeth because you don't want to embarrass them, but then you tell them and they really appreciate that you did something so simple as to point something out to them so that they could do something about it. That's like the gospel. Lots of our friends have things "stuck in their teeth," that they don't even know are there. And you see what they need, and all it takes is for you to tell them, and they will be really grateful to you for simply opening your mouth and saying something to help them. So share the gospel people. In the grand scheme of things, your friends will not ever get mad or stop being your friend because you share something that is important to you with them.

The Sunday general session was also very good. We sang He Is Risen and More Holiness Give Me in the YSA choir. They asked the missionaries to join because they needed more voices or something. So I got to sit on the stand the whole time. Moses, our investigator from Ghana who is just about the coolest, most hard working man ever, came. He had worked from 7pm to 7am Saturday night, then trekked all the way across town for stake conference at 10, just to have to work that same shift Sunday night. He was asleep for most of the meeting, but the fact that he came really tells a lot about his character and how the gospel is affecting him and helping him have a desire to change. So cool.

So this week I'm in our area with Sister Loveland tomorrow (YAY!) and in Bedford with Sister Som Wednesday (double yay!). Those are our last two exchanges of the transfer, and then moves are next week. Meaning I won't be emailing until Tuesday the 22nd. For this moves, I would really like to stay, but I know the Lord needs me wherever He puts me, so I'm pretty much cool with whatever happens. I do love Whitechapel though, the people here are great. The most exciting thing about this upcoming week is Arthur's baptism on Sunday! Yay for Easter baptisms! Pray hard for him that he will be able to withstand adversity this week, because heaven knows the week before is the hardest, Satan really works hard to keep people from taking steps toward the celestial kingdom. 

This is me unashamedly reminding you all that next Wednesday is my birthday. I would love some post! 

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