Monday, April 7, 2014

7 April 2014

Well this week went a lot smoother than the last, so it was nice! Obviously the big news is that I've been out ONE WHOLE YEAR! Woohoo. We didn't do much for it really. Our friend Rebecca, a girl we are teaching, took us to Chipotle. That was good. And then the next day we ordered in pizza. Also very good. My week has been filled with good food.

So last week after we emailed, we went on a walk in Hyde Park with Sister Jordan and the VC sisters. It was way fun! We fed squirrels, went by Kensington Palace, and saw the Peter Pan statue. Great PDay. Today for PDay we went to the Jordan's flat and watched the Sunday afternoon session of General Conference since we didn't get to see it live. We made Navajo tacos for this occasion, it was delicious. 

So last week, I was in London on an exchange with Sister Shalvis from Utah. I have never served around her, but she is dang cool. I just love the sisters I get to work with. They are the best. On Thursday I was in Milton Keynes on an exchange with Sister Rodrigues from England, and that was also a good time. We actually had a really excellent day. Found lots of really solid investigators, it was a much needed faith boosting day. 

Conference at Hyde Park chapel was excellent, as per usual. I got to see lots of my favorites from London North, especially Sister Rainsley who I have now nicknamed Nanny Jean. Here are my thoughts that I wrote down:

-The words of Let Us All Press On: "Fear not though the enemy deride. Courage, for the Lord is on our side. We will heed not what the wicked may say but the Lord alone we will obey." I really felt like that was a fitting song for MoTab to sing, because it seemed to me to be the theme of the majority of the talks. 

-Don't worry everybody, I have yet to get food thrown on me or been spit on. I have been yelled at by a few angry drunk people about how Mormons are incestual, but that caused no physical harm. 

-Elder Holland's talk was spot on, as per usual. I just loved it. 

-Kim B Clark got released. When they said his name I was like "Hey! I know him!"

-Another big theme was President Monson. I feel like they talked specifically about President Monson a lot more than they usually do, and most of the quotes were President Monson quotes. 

-I LOVED President Uchtdorf's talk. It was exactly what I needed, and answered one of the questions I went into conference with. 

Sorry, not much else to say. We watched Elder Oaks priesthood session talk today and that was super excellent. Gave me a new perspective on priesthood. I heard about all the craziness with the protests and whatever. Perfect talk for that. 

Other than that, my week was pretty standard. Enjoy all the pictures!

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