Monday, January 27, 2014


Seeing as I just emailed on Saturday, I really have nothing new to report except WICKED!!!
Oh my gosh. Every time I think my life can't get any better IT DOES. So the show was absolutely incredible. I felt like I was in it, I was so close. It was very in your face, being front row. Brilliant. I was the only one that had seen it before, so watching all the other missionaries experience it for the first time was great. Sister Hymas is as obsessed as I am now, so that is comforting.
So the show ends, and the Brittania elders told us that Savannah Stevenson (girl from Britannia ward that plays Glinda) told them to go buzz themselves in at the stage door. So we go to the stage door, they let us in, and we have to wait for her to get changed and stuff for a bit. While we were waiting pretty much the whole cast came to say hello. They had 2 hours before they needed to be back for the evening show, so the lady that played Nessa was just going out for a jog and the guy that played Fiyero was just like peace out I'm going to eat. 
So Savannah's dresser came and got us, led us through backstage where all the costumes are, and then Savannah caught up with us. She is so stinkin nice! I just love her! And, I might be a little biased, but she played the best Glinda out of the 4 times I've seen the show. She is a really good actress. Brought a lot of substance to it.
Anyway, she leads us around and I take a really unflattering picture with the Wizards head thing, and then BOOM we are on stage. Seriously. I went on stage of the biggest West End production in London. It was amazing. My life was made.
So yesterday at church, like 5 minutes before sacrament started, the bishop's counsellor comes up to me and informs me I'm giving a talk. Surprisingly, this is the first time I have had to give a talk on the spot my entire mission. Great. So this week has just been full of surprise public speeches for me. Thankfully I have been studying the Book of Mormon and I just read a few scriptures and related them to each other. It turned out decently. I was definitely led by the Spirit, I couldn't have done it on my own.
Short update on Marvin- He is doing well, listening to the cds of the Book of Mormon we gave him. He just needs some time. We are gonna back off him a little and let him reach the decision on baptism in his own time, because we know eventually he will.
So this is the last week of the transfer. Pray really hard for me that Sister Hymas and I stay together. I really want that. Like, really. This transfer has gone way too fast. My PDay next week won't be until Tuesday, so don't get offended that I don't write until then. This week I'm supposed to be on an exchange with Sister Larson here in my area, and then going with the sisters in Enfield to their area. And then we have MLC again on Friday. Should be an exciting week!

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