Monday, January 13, 2014

13 January 2014

It has been a beautiful, sunny week here in the Whitechapel ward. Well, ok, the second half of the week was sunny. First half was actually really cold.
So I haven't really talked about him yet, but we have exactly one investigator at the moment. His name is Marvin. He has been being taught since the summer, but now he is really getting serious about it. We had a POSH lesson with him on Monday in which he realized he wants to get baptised. He just thinks its a really big change and that he won't be able to keep it up. He is being a little stubborn, even against himself. Pray for him. He is great and he has a testimony, he just needs to use that testimony to get him to make the necessary changes in his life.
We did a lot of finding this week to build our teaching pool. We are focusing on finding families, and on Saturday we found 2 families that we are going to teach for the first time tonight! That will be really fun. Our zone conference this week was focused on how to teach families with small kids, so we are excited to use some of the things we learned there. As always, I loved zone conference. And Sister Jordan had us help with a training, which was...scary. Roleplaying in front of 3 zones of missionaries is a little nerve racking, but I wasn't nervous once we actually started doing it.
So here's a story for ya: We were in Pimlico on Friday night trying to visit a few potential investigators. We were walking through this courtyard thing, and we were walking past this small group of hoodlums. We were just innocently walking past them, and I hear one of them half whisper to their friends, "Don't stab them, don't stab them" and then alarms went off in my head. And then two of them started running at us and reaching into their pockets to pull something that I thought would most likely be a knife out. I like hunched over to protect my vital organs and got in the position to run away, and then they stopped a few feet short of us and turned back to their friends and started laughing. It was terrifying. It took us like 10 minutes to calm down over it, we seriously thought we were about to die. They didn't really have knives though, it was all just a joke. It was still really super scary for a split second.
My exchanges this week were in Leighton Buzzard and St Albans. I had a lot of fun! The former is a super small town and there was not a whole lot of people. It was adorable countryside though. St Albans is like a suburb of London, and we switched after zone meeting and got home late and had to switch back early in the morning though, so we didn't get much done and I didn't really get to see the area. I had fun with the sisters though!
I get to go back to Bedford tomorrow on an exchange!!!! I'M SO HAPPY!
Today for PDay we went to Westminster Abbey. It is actually just a big indoor celebrity cemetery. I'm glad I got free admission for being a missionary, because I would not want to pay that much otherwise. The rest of our day will be a doctors appointment than teaching those two families. Wish us luck!

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