Monday, November 18, 2013

Remember Who the Enemy Is

So I forgot to explain last week why I didn't email until Wednesday and why I was so busy on Tuesday. So a few weeks ago, our bishop's wife, Sister Toler, asked us if she could have us for one of our PDays to do like a whole spa/makeover day with us. We scheduled it for this week because we figured we wouldn't have choir practice, but we did. We had to skip though, because she already had all these appointments for  us. So we were with her all day, and it was really fun! We got like a clothing consultation from a stylist, she took us to a salon and we got our hair done, she took us to a charity shop and bought us clothes, and she had her neighbour Shirley Ann come do our make up! It was really fun, and the best part is that every person she had involved was someone she wanted to refer us to for us to teach! It was a good day, but very busy.
This week has not been the best, but it has been decent. We have had more disappointments this week than most weeks, but we are picking ourselves back up. We found a lot of new people, so we are hoping something comes from each of those.
Two miracles:
1. We were taking a cake and a card to the people that own the charity shop Sister Toler took us to, and to see if we could set an appointment with them. We delivered it and they didn't have any time and weren't super interested, so we walk out and are half way down the street when one of the employees comes running after us. She was like, "I didn't notice you guys are Mormons, but I am so interested in you guys!" So we have an appointment with her tonight.
2. We were at our flat for lunch yesterday after church, and we were just sitting around for a second and the doorbell rings. We figured it was the elders because they are the only ones who know where we live. Sister Diaz answers the door and its a guy going door to door registering people to vote or something, and as he is talking he asks about her name tag and we had a lesson with him on our doorstep. He is super interested! Reverse tracting! haha love it.
So advertising for Catching Fire is EVERYWHERE. At first it made me sad, but I would much rather be here. Although it looks like it is going to be SO GOOD. But as I've seen the adverts, I've quite liked the tag like "Remember who the enemy is". I think it can really apply in our lives spiritually. A lot of times we get mad at other people or God or the government or whatever because of adversity and trials. But we need to remember who the enemy is. Satan is the enemy, and he is pretty dang sneaky. If we remember that he is who we are really fighting, we can be more on guard for his tactics. And that's how I relate the gospel to the Hunger Games even when I'm on a mission.
This week should be a really good one, we have interviews with President Jordan on Friday! Today we are going to Oxford Street to go to the Disney store with Sister King and Sister Hymas, should be a party!

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  1. I love that you and Natalie both have Sister Diaz/Diez companions! I also love that you got a spa day! Your missions are night and day in differences, but your desires are the same! Merry Christmas Amanda. Praying and thinking of you!