Wednesday, November 13, 2013

A Mormon and a Jehovah's Witness walk into a bus...

What a crazy week! Hence why I'm not emailing until WEDNESDAY. Goodness, I've been busy. So at our zone meeting on October 31st, they announced new standards of excellence for lessons taught: 12 member presents, 11 other lessons, and 7 recent converts/less actives lessons. We got 9 member presents the other week and that was crazy enough, so we were like whoa thats a big task. But guess what? 12 member presents, 11 other lessons, and 9 RCLAs! Woot woot! Our week was literally excellent! We finished off the transfer good. Thank goodness, because so far this week is not looking stellar. At least numbers wise. It really has been fine, we just haven't been able to count lots of the work we have been doing.

Tuesday was Guy Fawke's night, where everyone sets off fireworks either because a guy tried to blow up parliament, or because he didnt succeed. Not really sure which reason they celebrate. So instead of ping pong night (because only Nigel showed up), we went up to Alexandra Palace, which overlooks the whole city, and watched fireworks go off all across the city. It. Was. Brilliant. Note to future husband: that is where you should propose. 

On Wednesday/Thursday we had an exchange with Sister Wuthrich! It was her last exchange of her mission, we were honored. But also very sad. She is such a rock star, I always learn so much from her. I love her dearly, I'm gonna miss her! And her wonderful voice in choir. We had a lot of fun on our exchange though. She has more fun pictures of it than I do, hopefully I'll get those at some point. 

The rest of our week was pretty standard, except we had a lot more member involvement which was wonderful. So much more fun bringing the members to lessons. And Nigel is always willing to teach with us, so its good to be able to strengthen his testimony as well. 

On Monday something sad happened. Our investigator William, who is supposed to be getting baptised this Sunday, called and said he had a dream in which God told him not to worship with us and he never wants to see us again. He said it in a nice way, but it was still really sad! He was really cool, and all our lessons with him have been so filled with the Spirit. It is always a shame when that happens. But we are ready to start this transfer fresh and find people that are prepared and willing to follow the Saviour! 

Two funny stories:
1. The other night we were on the bus and this Rasta looking guy comes and sits next to us, so we start talking to him because he was eyeballing our Book of Mormon. He started telling us about some plant called Moringa and how it is the tree of life and does all these diffferent things and I swear it was like on Forrest Gump where Bubba is listing all the uses of shrimp, he went on for 15 minutes about moringa. I had no idea what it was, but I guess Sister Diaz did, so when he got off the bus I was like "Its a drug,. isnt it?" Its not, but the story would have been funnier if it was.

2. Last week I sat next to a lady on the bus and we started talking and having a really good conversation and she seemed really interested. Five minutes later I find out she is a Jehovah's Witness and for the next 45 minutes I was preached to. She was really nice and we shared some good ideas, but there are some things we just did not come to an agreement on. We prayed together though, and that was nice. I like making friends! The whole situation was kind of funny to me though. 

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