Monday, October 21, 2013

I have felt like death this week. Being sick is no fun, but I guess it is to be expected when you live in a city that is literally a breeding ground of germs. It's dirty, but I love it. I'm on the mend though, probably something to do with the three hour nap I took yesterday. Yikes. I feel like such a waster. But I need to get better so it doesn't get worse.
 This week has been good in the fact that we have been able to work a lot with the members and have a lot of member present lessons with our two wonderful guys getting baptised, Nigel and Curtis. They are both getting baptised on Sunday! Curtis was found about a month and a half ago. We were waiting for a bus at a bus stop and he was the only one I could see around, so I went up to stop him and we had a really long, in depth conversation where I pretty much taught him all the lessons in one condensed version. He is having crazy challenges in his life, we met him at just the right time. I found Nigel on the bus the Friday of General Conference. He has just jumped right into the gospel. When we taught WoW, he was in the habit of using 4 of the 5 things that we shouldn't, and he just quit cold turkey, right there. He is doing so good and trying so hard to keep the commandments. The smile on his face when we talk about the gospel is just the best thing every to see. I'm so excited to get these two baptised because it is such a great turning point in both of their lives and will bring a lot of light to the trials they are both facing at the moment. AND they will be the first people I've baptised that I actually found. I'm so excited!
This weekend was stake conference, so I was in Hyde Park a lot again. It was a really good conference! Saturday was completely about hastening the work of salvation and I LOVED IT! Gosh I love missionary work, and I'm so excited for the members to get more involved and feel the blessings that I feel from sharing the gospel. I know if all the members of the church would do the simple things the First Presidency is trying to implement, the gospel would spread like wildfire! The secret recipe is faith and works! Can't forget faith, but if you don't work, nothing will happen. Theme of my mission, basically.
We got fed a lot this week by the lovely members of the London North ward. Love dinner appointments. The best was going to the Leavitts (yes, there is a Leavitt family here too. I just can't escape them) and Sister Leavitt making delicious roast beef and home made rolls and mashed potatoes and it was delightfully American. I'm afraid I'm probably gaining a lot of weight now that I'm not on bikes anymore. We take the bus most places. It isn't good for me haha.
So we teach an English class every Thursday night, and this Thursday we actually had a really good turn out! I'm hoping it grows more and more because it is a wonderful opportunity to find people to teach, and especially for our members that are from other countries to bring in their friends and let them feel the Spirit at the chapel.
That's about all I've got for this week. I'm really working on being better at remembering good stories to tell when I sit down to email so that these are more interesting to read. Be patient with me.
Stay classy, San Diego. (P.S. I'm seeing posters for Anchorman 2 and boy that makes me sad.)

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