Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Three's Company- 9 July 2013

    I'm sure the anticipation has been killing you to know what happened with moves. Well, I'm happy to say everyone's prayers paid off because I'm staying in Bedford! Woohoo! I'm really excited because we have like 3 baptisms coming up and I did not want to miss those. Sister Jones is staying with me. But here is the big twist: We are in a trio! We are going to be training a new sister together. We don't find out who that new sister is until tomorrow when we go to London to pick her up. But yeah, we are in a trio, which should be pretty interesting. We will see how it works. I am excited to train though, that should be really fun.

    So, both being American, Sister Jones and I had big plans for 4th of July last Thursday. We planned outfits and stuff and we were going to the American family's house for a bbq in the evening and it was going to be awesome. Then the zone leaders called last Tuesday and asked us to do a work over with the Northampton sisters (neither of which are American) and the only day that would work was Thursday. Figures. We had zone meeting Thursday morning though and most of our zone is American so we made a big deal about it, singing the national anthem and such. It was pretty funny actually. So for the workover I stayed in Northampton with Sister Pauna and Sister Karyan went to Bedford with Sister Jones. This was my first ever time working outside of Bedford so that was strange. Right after zone meeting, that district had a blitz in Northampton town centre. I had never even heard of a blitz before, but apparently it is a whole district doing street contacting together in an area where the missionaries need help finding people to teach. It was a fun day of finding. I got yelled at by this one guy
 for literally no reason, and Elder Hristov almost got in a fist fight because this guy just came up and started pushing him and yelling at him, then tore his badge off and stomped on it. Crazy times. Sister Pauna and I had a blast, though! She is who I took over for in Bedford when I first got here, so we talked about the people she taught while she was here and stuff.

    So rewinding a little bit, do y'all remember I said we are teaching Rihanna's body guard? Well, he accepted a baptismal date, so you can revise the statement to we are baptising Rihanna's body guard. He is way cool. He's taking us to dinner tonight and it is gonna be super posh. Pictures to come next week.

   One more exciting story: Sunday was the best testimony meeting OF ALL TIME. On top of the fact that we had 5 investigators at church (which is a big deal, the second most I've ever got), like half of the people that got up were like, "Go teaching with the missionaries!" and THEN two of our investigators bore their testimonies! And they were proper awesome! I felt the Spirit big time.

    A lot of missionaries I have made friends with so far are going home tomorrow, and that makes me very sad. I hate when people leave. Especially since I haven't got to serve with them very long. I'm especially sad about Sister Webster leaving. I'm hoping to be half the mother she was to me to this new sister we are training. Man I'm excited to train!

   Did anyone besides my mom check out the soundcloud for President's choir? If you haven't, you should. soundcloud.com/england-london-mission. As far as I know we don't have any upcoming performances which is sad, but I am bound and determined for this group to live on even though Elder Tingey and Elder Baker are leaving, and they were kind of the glue that held it together.

    That's about all I've got for this week. I'm excited to start this new adventure of training! Talk to you all (as in like the 2 people that read this blog) later!

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  1. Just so you know...I read your Blog every week. I just don't leave comments. I enjoy hearing about your adventures and success as a missionary. Love you Amanda!

  2. Sister Jacobsmeyer,

    We got an email this morning from Sister Jordan that our daughter Sister Brady will be joining you and Sister Jones in Bedford. I found your blog and joined it right away. Sister Brady will not be surprised at this. I am sure you and her are getting along great, having so much in common. You write so well, I look forward to hearing, from another perspective, all the wonderful things the three of you will do as you preach the Gospel of Jesus Christ and serve the Lord and the people of Bedford. Be safe and God Bless, Brother Frank Brady

  3. Hi, Sister Jacobsmeyer!
    I am Sister Brady's mom. Of course, I really like the fact that you want to "mother" the new missionary sister! We think she's a pretty special girl with a sweet spirit and, bonus, a great cook! You have a wonderful blog. It helps me paint a picture of what life is like for you there in the Bedford area. Wow...Rihanna's bodyguard? That's a story to share, for sure. I was alarmed to hear about the missionary name tag incident, but the Lord protects His missionaries and I'm sure you sisters (and elders) take every safe precaution necessary. It also sounds like you are in an area where many are prepared to hear the message of Jesus Christ and will reap the blessings in abundance.
    I am currently our Stake Primary President, so if you have any sweet stories to share about the children in the area, I would love to hear and share them with the wards and branches in our area. It is so exciting to think about how the gospel of Jesus Christ is spreading throughout the world and to know that the Spirit testifies of truth to all who would open their hearts, both young and old.
    Sister Lisa Brady