Monday, July 1, 2013

Another Week, Another Baptism

Howdy folks. It has been another glorious week here in the MK40 (That's a post code. I was trying to sound cool. Tell me if it worked.) 

Because we did so much finding last week, we had a whole lot of appointments this week. Like, we were booked solid. It was fabulous. We have 7 new investigators this week. Yay! 

So on Thursday we had a work over. Which is our mission lingo for an exchange. Except we didn't like change companions, we just had one extra for the day. Sister Belnap. She is one of the training leader sisters, so she joined us for the day. It was awesome because she is awesome. I learned a lot from her. While she was here we were out street contacting and I stopped this girl standing there with a bunch of bags and we had an awesome conversation with her and when Sis Belnap shared a scripture, she read it and got so happy. She said she had never read something that explains what she thinks so clearly. So basically, I am really excited to start teaching that girl because the Spirit was so strong while we were talking with her. Her name is Leoni, she is adorable. 

So last transfer Sister Webster gave our number to this lady at the post office that said she had a friend that lives here that is from Arizona. And that lady texted us like once or twice last transfer but we never got to meet with her, and then Sister Webster left and I didn't have her number so it died off. But Monday our phone rings, and it was this lady saying she wanted to come to church with us on Sunday. And she did! Her name is Chelsi and she is very sweet and has two adorable daughters. We are going to start teaching her this week. So that was a miracle!

Friday night we were in north London for a fireside. It went really well. It was our last one with the original choir, so that is really sad. Afterwards we were getting on the tube to go home and Sister Jones and I got separated and we lost each other in the London Underground for like an hour. It was stressful. But it all worked out. 

Saturday we had Patrick's baptism! It was really special to me because I have been teaching him this entire time. I was the first missionary he ever made contact with. So it was a great baptism, and he is so excited to be part of the ward. Right afterwards we had a ward party that was Disney themed! There was a Disney quiz which I totally dominated. Just kidding I got third place, but it was still impressive. 

So next week is moves, so I don't email until Tuesday. Which is when I will know my fate for next transfer. I'm really hoping to stay in Bedford, but as I have told the Lord continually, I will do whatever I'm asked. Ya know, 1 Nephi 3:7 is really true.

Have a great week everyone!

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