Monday, July 7, 2014

7 July 2014

Its been a great week! We didnt see any huge miracles or anything, but I felt the Spirit a whole lot and I feel like I gave it my best, and PMG says thats how you know you are being successful in God's eyes! It has really been a week where everything is just between us and God, other peoples opinions dont matter much. 

This is what we sang at Shanice's baptism. We had Raquel film it because I know you would want to watch it, Mom. 

Secondly, Shanice bore her testimony on Sunday and IT WAS AWESOME! I just love her so much. She is so great. I teared up a bit. She just talked about her baptism and her feelings that day, and the Spirit was so strong. 

This past Saturday a family the elders were teaching got baptised. We showed up a bit early because we needed to practice our musical number (we sang A Childs Prayer) and the font was busted. So guess who spent like 45 minutes going back and forth from the bathroom sinks with pitchers of water to fill the font? These sisters! haha It was an adventure, but the baptism finally happened and all was well. Such an amazing family, we are excited to have them in the ward. 

Zone conference this week was great. We talked all about helping people make and keep commitments. A big emphasis on boldness and on repentance. Really helped me to keep in perspective the WHY of missionary work. We are trying to help people change their lives! They need to know that very clearly, and they need to be told how very plainly. There is no beating around the bush in the gospel. 

I had exchanges with Sister Wang Foo from Tahiti and Sister Falcao from Brazil this week. Both were excellent. I got very sunburnt on both. But yeah, I dont know if I mention it enough, but I love working with the sisters of this mission and learning from their faith and testimonies. And having fun with them! 
For the 4th of July, we did something hilarious. We went and dumped tea into the river. If you don't think that is funny then you are wrong. Pictures to follow.

Today for PDay we went to Cambridge and watched the Tour de France, which was really like 15 seconds of some bikes riding past but it was still exciting because the whole city was having fun stuff happening. We looked around, I bought a shirt, and now we are back in Ipswich. Fun stuff. 

Next week is moves. Which means I dont email until Tuesday. Which also means I more than likely will be separated from my dearly beloved Sister Curtis. I can't believe its been 3 months with her, its felt like a week. I just love her to death. So it will be sad. But whatever God has in store for me next will be great, I know, so I'm just excited to find out what that actually is!

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