Monday, July 28, 2014

28 July 2014

So....this week. Not a whole lot to say about it really. On Tuesday, we were asked to go represent our ward at an inter-faith day thing and the topic was "How can the different faiths contribute to caring?" like health care. It was way over my head. Lots of presentations and such, not a lot of learning what other people believe. But it was still alright, I suppose.
We had a pretty jam-packed week of teaching, otherwise. Our investigators working towards baptismal dates are doing pretty well, but it was a shame because none of them were able to come to church for various reasons. We worked so stinkin hard to have investigators at church, like we invited everyone we spoke to, and lots of people said yes. But no one came. But HUGE MIRACLE. Half way through sacrament, this Romanian guy named Lucian that Sister Curtis and I had a lesson with like two weeks ago just walks in, finds us, and sits by us. This was the biggest surprise of my life because our lesson with him ended in us having to physically leave because he was too bashy. Like he didnt listen to a single thing we said and was basically just trying to preach at us and tell us we are wrong the whole time. But at church yesterday he was so calm and participated really well in the lessons. I think Heavenly Father saw how hard we worked at getting people to church this week and was cutting us a break. Hopefully Lucian felt the Spirit there and his heart was softened. 

On Thursday, Sister Soares from Brazil came to Ipswich with me on an exchange. We had an exciting day of meeting new people and contacting referrals. One of our referrals ended up being from Brazil so it was a real blessing to have Sister Soares there. 

Saturday we had a lesson in the park that we brought a member to, but our investigator was an hour and a half late, so we talked to some people in the park and ended up finding a guy that lives right next door to the bishop and his family. We have talked to this guy before, but werent able to get his contact details so it is really a miracle we found him again.

This week is MLC, most likely my last one :( But it will be really good, I'm looking forward to it. And an exchange with a new missionary from Tennessee, which I'm pumped for. I love new missionaries. I really hope President has me training next transfer. 

Have a great week, everyone!

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