Tuesday, July 15, 2014

15 July 2014

So, the news you've all been anxiously awaiting! DUN dun DUN. I am staying in Ipswich! Hallelujah!!! But sadly Sister Curtis is leaving me. It was too good to last. She is going back to my previous ward, Whitechapel, so of course I'm spending all day telling her about everyone there and all the investigators I want her to work with. Coming to me will be Sister Formica from California. I've broken the Utah streak! As well, Sister Formica will be my FIFTH companion from my MTC group, so that's exciting. 

I went on an exchange with Sister Couper (from Colombia, but really Australia) last week in Kings Lynn, the northernmost part of our mission. It was cold and wet. But we had a great day, and it was actually pretty productive! And she is fun to be with, so it was fun.

It has been really rainy and windy one day then really sunny the next all week long. The weather cant make up its mind. And of course if anyone ever tells us the weather forecast, it is dead wrong. So that's fun. 

Sorry I don't have a lot to say about this last week because it has just been a lot of normal missionary work. Except heres a cool one: We work with a member named Miriam, and she has befriended this bus driver and he said he would come to church but he keeps having to work Sundays. We also, seperately, talked to a bus driver and gave him a Book of Mormon. Well Sunday morning came and one of our investigators that was meant to be at church was poorly and couldnt make it, so that was a bummer. But in walks Miriam with this same bus driver we had given the Book of Mormon to! Yay! haha We found the same guy! He is pretty cool, just very busy so it was hard to set a time to meet with him again. But yeah, that was great. 

We also started teaching a guy from Hungary that we had a really spiritual first lesson with. He has investigated before, but we picked him up again and the Spirit was just so strong in our first lesson with him. He accepted a baptismal invitation, and then came to church and we think he really enjoyed it. Hooray!

We are working hard, I'm excited for this new transfer, but again so so sad to see Sister Curtis go. Also, I'm 100% positive I will be leaving Ipswich next transfer and be released as Sister Training Leader, so moves predictions from now on are pretty dang easy. Anyway, love you all and I hope you all have a great week!

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