Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Moves and such

Another month has flashed by in the blink of an eye, and I have now reached my 10 month mark today. Little baby missionaries that I feel are way younger than me are now like 6 months out and I'm like whoa how did that happen?
So basically my heart has shattered into a million little pieces because me and Sister Hymas are splitting up. Which I was not expecting AT ALL. I really thought we were just going to stay. But nope, last night we were just sitting down with the Bicar family when President called. I'll be staying in Whitechapel and training a new STL, Sister Butler. She is one transfer ahead of me, so I will be with her for her year mark. She is really cool, she was in my district in Bedford. I'm excited because I like her. But it is really hard to not be super depressed about not being with Sister Hymas. We are best friends, no lie. And things were just picking up for us as well. So Sister Hymas will be opening a new sisters area in London North! Woohoo my old stomping grounds! Sister Diaz will still be there as well, so she will be in a flat with her and get all her awesome cooking so I'm pretty jealous.
We have had a pretty good last week of the transfer. So I haven't mentioned this, but Whitechapel doesn't have our own meetinghouse because the church is still trying to find a place for one in our ward boundaries, so we have been meeting way up at the Lea Valley chapel way out of our area, so it is really hard to get investigators, and members for that matter, to church. But this Sunday started us meeting in a secondary school we are now renting on the weekends. It was really strange having church in a school, but it was great because everyone could get there really easily. We had 4 investigators at church! The whole Bicar family except for the dad came, and they loved it! The ward embraced them so well. It was a great Sunday.
Last night we taught the Bicars the Gospel of Jesus Christ. It was a really good lesson, and the Lord blessed me a lot to be able to hold it together and not burst out crying because 2 minutes earlier we got our call from President about moves. It was a really good lesson, and the Spirit was strong. They all accepted baptismal dates! So the 4 members of the Bicar family that are over the age of 8 will be baptised February 23rd if all goes according to plan. It is excellent, because we set a very faith-filled goal to have 4 baptisms in the month of February and the Lord is blessing our efforts. Pray really hard that they can keep this date, we are going to be working really hard with them.
This past week I've had some insight into the health care in this country. Sister Hymas needed a small little 5 minute procedure done, which is easily doable in a normal doctors office, but it all got blown way out of proportion and we spent all of Wednesday in a hospital. We got our own private hospital suite though, that was cool. So basically my health care insight is that if they can make things a big deal, they will. But trust me, it was not a big deal, just getting her nose cauterized. Which they found it necessary to sedate her for. She was really in and out of consciousness after this whole process, and we had our suitcases with us for exchanges, so when we were finally discharged, there was no way I was taking my have conscious companion and 2 suitcases on the tube to get home. We called a cab, and we ended up having the best conversation with the cab driver! His name was Waleed. His aunt is a temple worker, so he has been to the temple a bunch of times but he knows nothing about our church except that we don't drink tea or coffee. We got his details, and Sister Portillo and Sister Loveland are teaching him now!
I'm really excited for the adventures this next transfer are going to bring. I'm not really sure how well I'll fare training a new STL, seeing as I barely know what I'm doing myself. But we will figure it out. This will be the first time since I was trained that I have had a companion NOT from my MTC group. I'm going to be junior companion! Woohoo! It will be a party. And I'll still get to see Sister Hymas all the time because she is still in my zone and we have a bunch of leadership meetings and blah blah blah. Dang I love her. I'm really lucky I got to serve with her for even the short time that I did.
Have a great week y'all!

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