Monday, February 10, 2014

10 February 2014

New transfer woohoo! It has been a really good week. Well, Tuesday and Wednesday were really sad. But the rest of the week was really good!
So Tuesday, me and Sister Hymas just chilled at home all day. She curled my hair, I decorated her planner, and we made some sweet videos of us singing which I sadly cannot send because the file size is too big. But they are pretty dang cool.
Wednesday was moves day. AND, as luck would have it, there was a tube strike in which all tube lines except for like 2 were completely shut down. That means everyone was on the buses. And a bunch of missionaries lugging like 3 suitcases each on crowded buses was not a great idea. Thankfully, Sister Hymas had moved her stuff on Tuesday because we knew about the strike and thought it might be a smart idea. So getting everyone everywhere was stressful. We were in Hyde Park all day for the new missionary and trainer meeting. I got to be the first of the sisters to meet the new sisters that came in, they are all so cute! We were just helping Sister Jordan with trainings and stuff all day, it reminded me of my first day and the day I was a trainer, and it is really different being on the other side of the meeting haha. Really fun though, we got a really good group of new missionaries. One of them lives in my flat, Sister Hug (pronounced Hoog) from Switzerland.
Yeah, did I mention that another companionship lives with us now? Its a party! Sister Hug and her trainer Sister Sua from Sydney, Australia. She is  such a dang good missionary. I love these sisters! Living with 4 sisters in a flat is really fun!
So my new companion is Sister Meagan Butler. She's from Syracuse, Utah and she is a BALLER. No really she played at a junior college in Wyoming. She is dang good. And a great missionary as well. I'm excited to be with her. We are having lots of fun together already.
So on Saturday we took our investigator Marvin and his 5 year old daughter Shyann on a field trip to the visitor's centre. He got a tour, we watch a video, and we called President Jordan over to meet him. It was a really good day, and it helped him realize his answer that God wants him to get baptised. Although he still doesn't feel ready and he is still putting it off, he is that much closer to taking the plunge. President is going to come teach him with us this week, so that should help him. I am really pushy with Marvin because I know he can handle it. And he takes it well. We are buddies, I'm pretty sure he is really the only reason I was moved to Whitechapel.
We started teaching a girl named Juliana this week, and she came to church! She actually lives around the corner from the school we meet at on Sundays, but that wasn't how we met her oddly enough. I was talking to Marvin on the phone and sharing scriptures with him while we were on the bus, and this girl sitting by us leans to Sister Hymas and says, "Are you guys Christians?" And they got in a whole conversation and set an appointment, which Sister Butler and I went to this Friday. She is really good, genuinely curious and just wants to learn, and is so open to whatever answer God will give her. She is perfect!
We also ended up at a Pentacostal prayer group the past 2 Sundays, and that has just been a very eye-opening experience. I love knowing my relationship with God, that He is my Father and just wants me to have a normal conversation with Him. Knowing who He really is helps us know how best to communicate with Him. I just love having the Restored gospel in my life!
Alright, that's about all I've got to say for this week. Peace and blessings!

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