Monday, February 17, 2014

17 February 2014

Great week, y'all! We started this transfer off pretty strong. Me and Sister Butler work well together, I'm excited to be with her. I'm already learning a lot from her. And yes, hopefully today she teaches me some bball skills, we are playing right after emailing. 

So this week has been really ridiculously windy. See the picture of the fallen over tree. A lady down the street from our flat was sitting in her car and got killed by a big chunk of building falling of and landing on her. Thats how windy it was. The wind made lots of noises that made is hard to sleep, so I have been dead tired all week. No worries, I took a nap earlier today. It was splendid.

One of the highlights of my week was when President Jordan came teaching Marvin with us. It was such a great lesson, we were really able to get to the bottom of lots of Marvins concerns. He is still putting up a fight, but he knows he wants to be baptised but is still having trouble committing. We are still working hard on him. 

We did lots of good finding and found new investigators this week as well. Hopefully that will be bringing some good progressing investigators onto our radar this upcoming week. Other than working in my own area, I've been able to do two exchanges. We did an exchange with the Watford sisters in which Sister Butler went to Watford with Sister Allred and I had Sister Patterson in London with me. She is hilarious! She's my buddy from choir, and I've always wanted to serve with her. It was a blast. She is one of my favourite people on the planet. And we bond over our love of TSwift. Who was apparently in London for the past 2 weeks for her tour and NOBODY TOLD ME!!!!! Grrrrr. So upset. 

My second exchange, I went to Milton Keynes with Sister Rodrigues and Sister Carvalho. Sister Rodrigues apparently has the same condition as Jenni, she has a pacemaker and everything. Cool stuff. We chatted a bit about that. Sister Carvalho is my favorite Brazilian EVER. She is seriously adorable. 

Sad story: while I was in Milton Keynes my £75 boots broke. The zipper. So I have been freezing cold in normal shoes all week. Don't fret, I bought boots at Primark this morning. They will last me the rest of the winter.

Our Valentine's Day celebration consisted of us having a "Lock Your Heart" party, in which we just made little love hearts and wrote different stuff on each of them. For example:
"Just say no to 'flirt to convert'"
"Bridle your passions"
And several white handbook quotes.
It was really funny, to say the least. I love our flat. We are having such a fun time. 

So upcoming in my week is a lot of great stuff. Tomorrow I am bringing Sister Loveland (my neighbor from uni) on exchange with me here in London. She is the best person I've ever met, so it should be fun. Then on Wednesday I'm going back to Bedford again, which I'm extremely excited for. Over the weekend we are working a church booth at the worlds largest family history convention, taking place this week in London. I'm getting trained on how to do that today. Saturday we are having a cinema night where we are renting a little private cinema and showing Joseph Smith:Prophet of the Restoration. It should be awesome. 

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