Monday, December 9, 2013

The best way to spread Christmas cheer is singing loud for all to hear!

And I've been singing all. flippin. week. Seriously, we barely got any work done because we were gone half the week.
Sorry in advance that this is going to be short, I have like 0 time.
So last week we had the performance on Monday that I talked about last time, then another on Friday in Watford, and another on Saturday in Ipswich. And then we recorded them all today ( , check it out!) and I was put in charge of converting them and putting them up, and now I have like 5 seconds to email. So I apologize for no personalized responses this week.
Wednesday was our 8 month mark! Sister Diaz made tres leches for zone meeting the next day to celebrate, because Sister Hymas was also in our group. It was delicious.
We found a family this week, which makes me so happy because so far in my mission I have been pretty rubbish at finding families. They are so sweet! 4 kids- Julian is 11, Reese is 9, Aliyah is 7 and Mikell is 4. We found them by just stopping and inviting them to Primary on Sunday. They weren't able to come, but when we went over to teach them, their mom Nadena was so receptive and so prepared! I'm so excited to work with this family, and we are really trying to find more.
Ok so on Saturday we were getting a ride from the zone leaders in Ipswich and Elder Gonzalez from Spain was talking to me and I asked if he knows Mario. And he knows Mario from the reality show he was on, and I was like I KNOW HIM! He's my brother! So exciting haha. The world is a small place for Mormons.
So I'm just gonna let the pictures speak for themselves, sorry this week is so lame!

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