Monday, December 2, 2013

2 December 2013

So last week after we emailed and had choir practice, us and the Whitechapel sisters went to Camden Town markets to look around and shop. It was really fun! Some lady was trying to sell us this hair removal thing and testing it on us and stuff, and while she was doing her sales pitch we started a gospel conversation and she requested a Book of Mormon. Love it when I make contacts while doing PDay fun stuff! And I ended up buying her product because it is like magic and it was only £10.

On Tuesday we had an exchange with the STLs. This time around I was in Hyde Park with Sister Portillo! She is from Bolivia, she served in Bedford w/ Sister Webster two transfers before me, and she is awesome! I love her to death. And I got to be in the visitors centre half of Tuesday, that was a new experience! She even left me to teach one visitor alone while she helped another one. Scary. There is definitely a reason I am not in the VC. While there, I saw one of my Christmas packages, so that was cool! Didn't get to open it though. But yeah, Sister Portillo and I had a lot of fun. We played basketball for exercise in the morning, and I was extremely happy about that. 

One great thing I accomplished on my exchange is adding a whole lot of phrases to my collection of how to say Merry Christmas in a bunch of different languages. Whenever I meet someone that speaks a different language, I ask how to say it and have quite a list in the back of my planner. So far my favorite is "Afi shoppa" from Ghana. Probably not spelled like that.

Thursday we solicited the wards best cook, Sister Leavitt, to make us a Thanksgiving lunch for after district meeting. We usually eat lunch as a district after district meeting anyway, but this time we had a proper feast. It was so stinkin delicious. Probably not the best to stuff ourselves with right before going out for a full afternoon of proselyting haha. But good, nonetheless. 

Friday we had a fireside in Ilford again. The entire chapel and overflow was full, definitely our best turn out ever. It went pretty smooth. Great fun! And we gave President the light up Christmas tie we bought him hahaha. It is quite frightening. We got it at Poundland, and its got a snowman that has eyes that light up red when you push the button as it plays a Christmas song in a really creepy off key way. So funny. 

Sunday we went carrolling as a district to find new investigators. We sounded great! 4 part harmonies and everything. We didn't do it for too long, though because everyone kept trying to give us money and we had to tell them all "we aren't collecting!" England is weird sometimes. 

Today we had another performance where we served food and sang for a bunch of senior citizens in Stratford. It was good fun! They seemed to really like it. Because of it, I didnt get much of a PDay, but I don't mind because I'm here to help not to have PDays. We did get to go to Shaftsbury Ave and look around a shop called Forbidden Planet, that was a nerds paradise right there. Look it up, it is nuts. I got a Harry Potter Oyester card holder, so I was happy.

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