Monday, September 2, 2013

August 26- New Adventures in a New Area

Last week after I emailed, we went to say goodbye to some of my
dearest friends in Bedford. We went to Angela's house with the elders
and played board games. She bought me going away presents which was so
sweet! Man, I love Bedford so much. Leaving was EXTREMELY hard, but I
know there are people here in North London that need me. It was
actually harder than leaving home, because I might not see those
people again! But at the beginning of my mission I was told something
very wise by Sister Bolton: Never look back. I don't help myself or
the Lord when I look back. He needs me looking forward so I can see
the people that are prepared for the gospel. So when I got on the
plane to come to England, I didn't look back. And I've determined that
it needs to be the same when I leave an area. I will always consider
Bedford my English home though.

Anyway, North London. Living in the city is exciting! People here are
in such a hurry though! It makes street contacting a little more
difficult because no one wants to stop and chat. Regardless, we have
found some great people this week. We've done a lot of finding, but
it's good because I am very out of practice.

My new companion is Sister Ovcharenko. We entered the MTC at the same
time, but she stayed 6 weeks to learn English. Which she rocks at. I
have so much respect for her, and any missionary that learns a new
language, because I'm pretty sure I would be rubbish at it. All I know
is that I am very bad at explaining what words mean to her. Which
actually came in handy because she has a Russian-English dictionary I
was looking at on the bus the other day and the guy behind us asked me
if I was learning Russian and we got to talking with him and he is
learning and wants help learning, so we offered to help. Then last
night we had him to a small get together with the bishop, his wife,
and one of the ward missionaries and taught him about the Restoration
and he loved it! He thanked us for not only helping him learn Russian
but about the truth! He is going to be so good. His name is Frank.
He's from Germany.
But anyway, back to Sister Ovcharenko. She is awesome. She is 25 and
was baptised with her whole family about 5 years ago. She is great! I
love being with her already, I'm learning a few Russian phrases. It is
really funny late at night when she is really tired she forgets that I
don't speak Russian (her last companion did speak Russian) and she
just starts spouting things off in Russian and I'm like huh? It's

Our district is SO YOUNG. It is just us and the two sets of elders
that serve in the same ward with us, and Elder Hutchins (remember the
elder that drew all those pictures in my district in the MTC? Yeah,
him) is our district leader. I guess I'm the district mother since
I've been in the field the longest. Elder Hein is training a new
missionary named Elder Gregson, and that makes him my 4th child. My
3rd son. Mission geneology is weird, don't try to understand it. I am
the third sister to serve in this ward, and the first American sister.
One member calls me Sister America.

Anyway, I have a lot of pictures, hopefully they all get up. Everyone
have a fabulous week! Don't do anything I wouldn't do!

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