Monday, September 9, 2013

9 September 2013

Hey all! I had a great week this week, lots of great people we were able to start teaching!
First I just want to say, because I know you read this, thanks so much Nikki for your card! You are the best! I hope you receive the letters I write back to you, but if for some reason they don't get to you, just know I really appreciate hearing from you!
Anywho, this week was fun. Last Monday after I emailed, we went to Harrod's. And I actually bought something. It was only a £1.50 brownie, but dang it was the best brownie I have ever tasted. Ever. We walked around the store seeing all the designer labels and stuff for like 2 hours. It was an experience.
Today for PDay we didn't really do much, beside go get me a new bag and boots in Camden Town. I managed to talk the guy down from £40 to £27 on the bag I bought. All those cruises to Mexico really prepared me for today. Thanks Mom.
We have started holding an English club every Thursday night, which is really fun because I get to meet people from all over the world! Well, I get to do that anyway, but it is fun to have a night where I can help them improve their English and learn a few phrases from them too. On a related note, no I have not learned any Russian whatsoever. Well I can say hi how are you, but thats it.
This week is going to be a good one. I'm having a work over with the lovely Sister Gibson, a fellow Nevadan (she's from Sparks) tomorrow. It should be a party. I am having the time of my life! Being a missionary is the best! I hope you all have a fabulous week and remember that God loves you! And I do too!

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