Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Just Another Manic....Tuesday. 28 May 2013

Hiya, you alright?

That's how English people say what's up. I'm really working on my English vocabulary because they just say things so much better over here. I love it.

So the last week of my first transfer has come to a close. Puke. That six weeks went WAY too fast. But the end of the transfer meant another first: my first moves calls. So the President figures out where he wants everyone to go, then he calls all the zone leaders and tells them the specifics for the members of their zone, then the zone leaders call us and put us on a conference call and announce it all. But if you are doing anything drastically different, President calls you beforehand. So we were walking out of a dinner appointment last night at like 8:30 when the phone rings and guess who it was? President Jordan. And then he told us what was up. Would you like to know? Drumroll please....................................

I'm staying in Bedford. WOOHOO! Except less of a woohoo because Sister Webster is not. She is moving to St. Albans for her last transfer with Sister Finch. I'm reeeeaaaallly bummed because I really wanted to be the one to kill her off. So if Sister Webster is leaving who does that leave me with, you ask? Great question. Sister Jones from my MTC group will be coming to Bedford and we're gonna follow up train each other. Yikes. I love Sister Jones, she is great. This means I'll be the one that has to know where we are going and I'm not too great at directions. That's ok, I've got a map.

So the rest of my week is lookin like this: I'll be in London tomorrow to switch companions and go to a training meeting so Sister Jones and I can figure out how the heck we are supposed to do this. Then Friday night we havea performance at a fireside at the Hyde Park chapel. So I'm all up in London. Again. It's gonna be great!

So one reason I'm excited to stay in Bedford is this new investigator we have named Patrick. So we got a media referral this week, like a guy put his info into mormon.org. So we went out to have a lesson with him and he is AWESOME. Most prepared person ever. We taught him the Restoration, he accepted a Book of Mormon without hesitation, and we set a baptismal date. All in the first lesson! And immediately after the lesson he was asking when he could go on a mission and how he could start a branch in Cranfield! He came to church and looked like he was already a member. I'm excited to see where things go with him.

That's about all I've got for you all this week. Remember on the "Write me" page how it says only email if it is urgent? Disregard that. Email me whatever you want. But don't make it a novel. Also, I like pictures.

Ok, love you all! Cheerio!

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