Monday, June 24, 2013

Another beautiful British week!

So you might be wondering why I didn't post last week. Well I did, but Google decided I sent too many emails so it kicked me off before I could send the blog post. Whatever. Nothing too crazy happened last week anyway. But THIS WEEK! Holy moly.

So first of all, we had our first baptism! Three kids who I love dearly named Elouise, Charlotte, and Mitchell were baptized on Saturday. I have known them since my birthday. Their mom was raised in the church and just started coming back and decided that she wanted her kids to be brought up in the church. I love them so much! Nothing like seeing people you love take that step in their life. 

So we did a lot of great finding this week. Lots of talking to people on the street. So one guy we stopped looks like and when we asked him what he does for a living he said he has a security business and went on to tell us he is Rihanna's body guard. Still not sure I believe him. Pics or it didn't happen, that's my rule. 

While we were out street contacting, this girl approached us and asked us where we were from and told us she is a member! Her name is Danielle, and she just moved back a month ago from BYU. She was raised here but has lived in the states for a while. She is way cool! She said she isn't interested in coming back to church but she came to our fireside on Friday with us and we found out she plays piano, so she said she would play for Primary on Sunday and she did! For someone that doesn't want to be a part of the church, she accepted a calling pretty quick haha. She is way cool, we are excited to get to know her.

Our fireside on Friday was awesome! I love performing with the choir, and especially for our own ward! The ward was very surprised that it was actually a cool show and not boring stuff. And Sister Wheat, who is a saint, fed all the missionaries that came! She gave us "chip butties" which is a buttered roll with chips in it. Surprisingly good. Horribly unhealthy. 

So I've neglected to tell this to anyone in emails, but from the day I got to Bedford our boiler has been broken, so I have gone like 9 weeks without a hot shower. Seriously. But I'm happy to report that the plumber finally came and fixed it and I have officially had a hot shower! Wooohoooo! It really makes a difference. 

So on top of the 2 baptisms we had this weekend, we have committed two more of our investigators to baptism. Both are from Nigeria. One is named Gabriel, we've been working with him for a while, and his friend Olu, who we have just barely started teaching. But let me tell you, this guy is PREPARED. So our first lesson went really well. The Spirit was there very strongly, and we were able to bear testimony of the Restoration in a way that really touched him. When we met with him the second time, we asked how he liked 3 Nephi 11, which is what we left him to read, and he explained the whole chapter and what he learned then he just looks at us and says, "I know it's real." AAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHH One of the most spiritual moments OF MY LIFE! He LOVES the plan of salvation because he has lost people close to him. He loves that God speaks to us through a prophet today. He thinks it is amazing that God showed Himself to Joseph Smith. And he believes it all. He is set to get baptized on July 13th.

Last thing to say: I crashed my bike. Yikes. I was trying to get back on the sidewalk and totally biffed it. Scraped up my knee, but...tis only a flesh wound! I will press on. Good thing I was wearing a helmet. 

Sorry I don't have too much time today, we have choir rehearsal today! In like 3 minutes! Hope you all have a great week. Be safe, be good, write me. Love you all!

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