Sunday, December 21, 2014

The Aftermath

So now that I've been home for almost three months, thought I should wrap things up on this blog. First of all, this was only ever meant to be a way to avoid having to do a forwarding thing to all my friends and family while I was gone, but I am fairly certain I have acquired some readers that don't actually know me in person so to you I say- Thanks for making me feel like my life is worth reading about! Much appreciated.

These past few months have gone by really fast but also painfully slow. I feel like I've been home for ages. Actually, to be honest, I feel like I never left. Which is sad really. I have become a new person, expected to fit into the mold of the old person I left behind last April. But as the time has gone by, it has become a little easier. Its just been very emotionally and psychologically challenging.

I would hands down say the adjustment to real life is a million times harder than I thought the adjustment to mission life was. And it has been made a bit harder being sent back to a town in the middle of no where, where there is not much missionary work to help with, and where I have absolutely no friends because they are all at school or on missions or married and moved away. So that was pretty difficult, until I got two jobs and I finally felt like I was doing SOMETHING with my life.

And now I go back to university in 2 weeks. And I am really determined to be a better student and be really involved and stuff. I am so grateful for the ways my mission has blessed my life and changed me into something better. I'm also really grateful that it didnt just change me, but showed me the recipe for continued change and progression, so that I'm not just sent back to plateau, but I can always keep moving forward.

Not a day goes by that I don't miss England and the people there. I have been really blessed to serve with sisters that live relatively close to me, so I have gone on a few road trips to see them all. I can't even really properly describe the impact the people I met and experiences I had on my mission have changed me and helped me, so I will just leave it at I'm thankful. So so so thankful. I would do it all again in a heartbeat if they would let me.

But I know the Lord doesnt want me sitting around moping that I can't go back, He wants me out in the world making a difference. And that's what I hope to do. I'm going back to BYUI here in two weeks, and I am so dang excited. I know He has a lot more for me to learn and do if I'm open to it, so bring on the next phase of my life.

Since this was my mission blog, I decided to make a different one for my post mission life. If you feel like it, you're welcome to go to it at

Amanda in Mormonland

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